Toilet Training our Baby Girl – 1/6

Posted by on May 19, 2013

This blog is a collection of both my musings, successes and failures (hopefully less of those). Never is there anything going on in my world I don’t share with my Sister and it is she who has encouraged me to share these discoveries with you.

I begin my conversations sharing my diary of Toilet Training my Baby Girl. I started this as an experiment to see if it was truly possible to communicate on such a deep level with a baby – I am thrilled and gobsmacked to report it is indeed not only possible, but deeply rewarding on so many levels.

It is my intention to fill these pages with a variety of content, not just on parenting, but on a range of topics I find myself involved and interested in. Right now I am very focused on supporting and nurturing my children, so that’s where we will begin. It is very appropriate to begin this conversation about parenting as it is the same world my Sister is a part of.

My Inspiration for trying ‘Elimination Communication’ with my Baby Girl
I read a book during toilet training my Little Man and was amazed that it is possible.

My Early Start Potty Training Book (Sonna,2005) alerted me to the fact that babies can be toilet trained. I couldn’t believe it, surely they have no notion of what’s going on when they are babies?

Early Start Potty Training

The book talks about past history regarding toilet training and touched on the mass marketing of disposable nappies and the effect it has had on how we approach this important, yet basic hygiene practise.
I read about a family physician who, contrary to how she was educated at medical school, discovered babies communicate through body language before they eliminate. This hit a nerve for me. I felt awful thinking my baby was communicating with me and I wasn’t ‘hearing’ or ‘seeing’. I just had to recognise the signals early enough, as I did before she has a break down over being too hungry, over tired, or any other form of discomfort. It has been said you have up until about four months of age to recognise and acknowledge the signs before they become too subtle or infact non existent.

So I decided to start paying attention…..

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