Nine Months – Where she is at now

Posted by on November 3, 2013

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Toys + Potty Now Baby Girl is older, very mobile with her crawling and forming opinions, including when she is or is not happy to sit on the potty. It’s getting a little trickier getting her to sit still when we know she needs to use the potty. We keep potty time really fun with a collection of her favourite toys and books close by and she gets to choose a sticker as her reward when she is done. Every success is celebrated with singing the potty song –

(Wee-wee on the pot-ty, Poo-poo on the pot-ty…),

– clapping, cheering, high fives, kisses and cuddles – all the reactions any child wants to see from their family. When she has an accident we express our disappointment, do a quick clean up and give her minimal attention. It is very business like (call it reverse psychology) so she see’s clearly when we approve/disapprove.

42 Weeks – Started encouraging Baby Girl to think for herself and go to the potty. Crawling to the potty during our Christmas holidays was such a clear signal for us to see. Not sure what has happened, but she rarely does that anymore? Also her saying “P, P” is inconsistent. So now I just simply ask her does she need to use the potty, just as when we say “Would you like to go to the park?” or “Would you like to go for a walk?” She very clearly answers “yes” to those questions, by flapping her arms and making an excited sound in her throat, even bounces up and down, so we know she understands. This is where I need to trust her answers and step back from being in control of the toilet training. Mmmmmm…….

P.s. Some good has come out of me being on crutches. Since my husband gets up to the children during the night at the moment (takes me too long to get up and down) he has come around to Baby Girl using the potty (the potty lives beside her bed). She gives a little cry always between 10.00pm and midnight. Sometimes it’s just one cry and if you miss it she goes back to sleep, other times she is much more passionate. The routine is to go in, keep lights off and ask her if she needs to go to the potty. If she tries to sit up we take it as a ‘yes’, if she has gone back to sleep by the time we get to her room we leave her. Baby Girl keeps cuddling her ‘Blankie’ while using the potty as we do what we can to keep her in a sleep trance. I generally sit down on the floor next to her and give her a cuddle to keep her dopey and half asleep. The whole process takes less than five minutes – then we don’t hear from her until morning. Easy!

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