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Posted by on April 12, 2014

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If you are one of those people who has always wanted to shop more consciously (I have my hand up here) but never knew how – you are going to love Biome. You are guaranteed to find a broad range of products which adhere to strict ethical guidelines, have a positive impact on your health, assist in simpler living and support positive, lifelong habits.

There are many ‘Blogs’ online which state – “proudly advertisement free”. (CWMS) status stands as –

Proudly welcoming our first advertisement“.

In March 2014, we became officially affiliated with a company called Biome Living PTY LTD (Biome Eco Stores) which is a small business based in Queensland.

What does ‘affiliated with’ mean?

Affiliated means CWMS has permission to legally advertise the biome website and receive commissions from referral customers.

In other words each time you click on a ‘Biome link’ via our website you will be taken directly to the Biome Online Store. Any purchases you make (after clicking via our link) results in a CWMS commission.

Our commission will be received in the form of a voucher to spend at the Biome stores.

Why Biome?

Because we share the same values, ethics and beliefs. The intention with this blog is to keep any recommendations to you as items which have been personally used or, at the very least, added to my wish list.

My motivation for joining this program is to continue with the pledge of sharing terrific discoveries. How cool is it finding one place which takes the stress out of shopping and brings back the excitement of finding just what you need and/or want – with the confidence of knowing they meet the earth-friendly criteria!

CWMS has begun documenting our families sustainable journey of living consciously and making positive decisions towards a better future. So, aligning with businesses which support the same cause is of utmost importance.

I sincerely hope finding this store has made your day as it has mine time and time again.

Happy shopping,

– Shea

Personal recomendations so far…

Last week…Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

Natural/Mineral Make-up

Natural/Mineral Make-up

A children's toothpaste which reads 'safe to swallow'

A children’s toothpaste which reads ‘safe to swallow’

Most recent discoveries...

Most recent discoveries…

Next week...Have you started to use these yet?

Next week…Have you started to use these yet?




4 Responses to Affiliated with Biome

  1. Oma

    Fabulouso Prec xx

  2. Balanced Naturopathics

    Ooooh Yay! I love Biome. What a great business to be affiliated with- similar ethics and that’s what its all about. I was in the other day buying a new lid for a keep cup and spare lids for the reusable smoothie pouches. So are to find products that you can buy replacement parts for these days!
    I’m eyeing off the planetbox lunchboxes too- slowly saving some pennies to go for them when our current ones have worn out.

    • Shea

      That is terrific, thanks for letting us know – I didn’t know you could buy replacements for either of those products!!

      Being affiliated with Biome is just awesome, definitely a store one could spend hours wondering around. My wish list gets longer each time I visit 🙂

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