Big Girl Undies

Posted by on December 22, 2013

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We have ditched the Fluffy Terry Towelling Training underpants.

The kids and I went to the park after school one afternoon and met up with a friend of mine. We have been friends for around 5 years; ever since we were were put in the same Mothers Group at the Community Centre with our first child. We have caught up most Monday mornings since then and pondered all sorts of parenting dilemma’s. I laughed my head off on this particular day at the park when she saw Baby Girl still wearing training undies and declared something along the lines of “For goodness sake, get her some proper underpants – she has well and truly proved herself”

Clearly she has never had to go looking for size 1 underpants!

Undies It took me around a month to find some (not that I was at the shops everyday). The ones I finally found in the correct size were Bright Bots and their slogan on the front of the packet read –

‘Mums who love Bright Bots have been telling us that you just can’t get undies small enough for some toddler’s bottoms once you’ve used Bright Bots Training Pants.

So, here they come….Little Undies.

Too Right! They were a perfect size and 100% cotton…

So at 14 months old another milestone had been reached. My stomach was in my throat as I packed up the safety net, super absorbent Terrry Toweling Training Pants and Baby Girl started wearing Big Girl Undies.

As with all the different stages along this journey, she didn’t skip a beat. Me, however, I went back to ‘Helicopter Parenting’ and ‘hovered’ around asking every 2 minutes “Do you need to got to the toilet?” Quite ridiculously, once again needing time to relax and trust her.

My friend was right, four and a half months was well and truly long enough to be ‘training’ it was time to move on….

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  1. Oma

    Mission accompli . . . !!
    Well done little Mummy 🙂 xx

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