The Big Prescription Glasses Shout Out!

Posted by on January 28, 2015
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If you are one of the lucky few who wear prescription glasses, or even luckier, know someone who does, then this post is a shout out to you.

Do you have any old pairs at home which you no longer need?

CWMS is on a mission to help Carenza Little in her quest to take a huge bag full of preloved prescription glasses with her when she travels from Australia to India on the 16th February, next month. During each visit to India, Cadenza visits the slums with a local Optometrist and together they reassign each pair of donated glasses she has collected with a person best suited to the script.

What do you do with your old glasses when your script and frames are updated?

One of the most interesting conversations of last year was with Carenza Little. Here is the link to the initial story Simple Constructive Ways to Recycle and Help Others where you can read how your unused glasses can be delivered to someone who has quite possibly spend their whole life struggling to see. A privilege many of us take for granted.

Those of us who rely on glasses can only try to imagine a life without the luxury of sight. Many of the frames which Carenza takes overseas are delivered to adults who have spent most of their life struggling to see. She talks passionately about witnessing the truly life changing and emotionally charged moment of someone being fitted with a pair and experiencing improved sight. Finally they can look clearly at their surroundings and the details of the people around them who they care the most about.

For people who are less fortunate than ourselves, the gift of free sight can open up a whole world of possibilities such as being able to safely and effectively do a days work. This is a positive step towards providing food and shelter for themselves and their families.

Here’s where you come in…

1. Rummage threw your drawers, check the back of the bathroom cupboard and dig out those old frames which no longer match your current prescription. Here is your big chance to truly have a positive impact on someone else’s life.

2. Carenza can be contacted directly at: where you can organise a suitable delivery method.

3. But don’t stop there…share this post with anyone you know who wears glasses and may also happily donate them to Carenza. Remember her next visit is on the 16th February so there is no time to lose.

For me 2015 has been named the year where Less is More and it began with a bang – well actually an enthusiastic cull and preliminary ‘house sort’. Removing unused items and general clutter is so exhilarating and is an annual ritual in our house. Unused prescription glasses and sunglasses were uncovered and passed on to Carenza, which is how I learn her next trip to India is scheduled for February 16.

The beginning of the year is renowned for starting a fresh so I hope this post is very timely and catches a few of you in the process of your annual ‘house sort’ and reorganisation. If you have a pile of things ‘to go’ at the door or gathering in the shed that you aren’t sure where to resign, check out this post from the archives, it may give a distribution idea you hadn’t thought of.

Have fun and thank you in advance to all who send glasses to Carenza so she can successfully continue to help – what a great way to start the year.

– Shea

P.s. This year involves some new travelling adventures for our family so there will be lots of time spent out and about exploring. The first thing I can’t wait to do when I discover something new and inspiring is to share. I get a real buzz when I hear feedback from you that these discoveries are helpful and inspiring, or even that it simply made you smile! Keep and eye on Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch…

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