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How To Make Your Own Succulent Terrarium in 5 Easy Steps

“What I stand for is what I stand on” Wendell Berry   A Terrarium is an ‘on trend’ ecosystem and the perfect way to add a touch of green to a little corner of your home. Choosing to feature succulents and cacti is perfect for us ‘desert dwellers’, as these plants require little water to … Continue reading »

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Gluten Free not Flavour Free – Stone Milled Sorghum Flour by Kurrajong Ridge

“My Grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer.” Brenda Schoepp   Kurrajong Ridge mill only Sorghum Flour so their product is 100% guaranteed Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Wheat and Nut Free, Low … Continue reading »

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CWMS Saves Hundreds of Lives

‘Bee’ the change you wish to see in the world Ghandi   The Native Stingless Bee Colony at our Little Man’s School is thriving again and the Hive now has an informative sign hanging beside it to Protect the Bees against any other unfortunate instances. It is designed with the intention to help Educate the … Continue reading »

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Recognising Native Bees

The future depends on what you do today Ghandi   Tomorrow, 1 September, is the first day of Spring – ‘YAH’, so this weeks post is designed to give a big plug to the busy little insects who are responsible for 60% of our food and crops – the Bees. If we are all going to … Continue reading »

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How To Build A Treasure Garden For Your Little Collectors

Creating a Treasure Garden is a great holiday activity if you happen to have a child who lovingly collects rocks, shells, sticks, pretty leaves and anything else which grabs their attention when they are out and about. (Or maybe you are all grown up and this above statement applys to you!) Helping your little collector build … Continue reading »

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Bee Cause

It was during my Pop’s recent visit, a couple of weeks ago, that bees once again became a hot topic of conversation. We were discussing our backyard and the Native Australian Bees which have taken up residence. The bees originally settled in a fully established tree, quite possibly before we moved in, however ‘their’ tree … Continue reading »

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