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Real Or Fake – Yes It’s Time To Talk Christmas Trees…

When you open the box of Christmas tree lights to discover they are tangled and the decorations a little tired – smile, stop, breathe, try and enjoy the delight of Christmas… you’ll be amazed at the magic¬†that happens when you get into the spirit. Deborah Bibby¬† – Editorial-in-chief, Real Living Magazine   You are all … Continue reading »

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The Cardboard Box – Inspired Creative Play

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein   The Cardboard Box and The Stick are two out of 53 toys which have been inducted into the Toy Hall Of Fame. The Toy Hall of Fame is located next to The Strong, the National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. Anyone can nominate a toy … Continue reading »

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Repurposing Your Jars in Four Easy Steps

There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere. Annie Leonard¬†   Are you ready to embrace this newly revived and environmentally friendly craze of drinking out of a jar? Repurposing your Jars is a fun, simple and sustainable way to jazz up any party or gathering. It … Continue reading »

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How To Build A Treasure Garden For Your Little Collectors

Creating a Treasure¬†Garden is a great holiday activity if you happen to have a child who lovingly collects rocks, shells, sticks, pretty leaves and anything else which grabs their attention when they are out and about. (Or maybe you are all grown up and this above statement applys to you!) Helping your little collector build … Continue reading »

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Friday Night is Movie Night!

Pop into our house on any given night during the week and you are likely to find me folding washing, ironing, cleaning up the kitchen, working on my blog or tackling one of the many projects currently on the go. If the children are still awake, add to that, listening to school readers, revising sight … Continue reading »

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Final Stage Toilet Training – Our 17 month old is Nappy Free

¬†Our Early Stage Toilet Training Experiment is complete – HUGE SUCCESS to report! I was horrified to read a Media Release by the Wollongong City Council (2011) which, according to the Councils Waste Education Officer, there are 2.1 billion disposable nappies added into landfill in Australia each year. I was even more horrified to learn … Continue reading »

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