Out of the Man Cave

8 Green #DIYProjects – Gift Inspirations You Can Make With Love

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun Albert Einstein   DIY Projects are consistently one of the most viewed categories on the CWMS website, which just goes to show, our community is a group of creative, frugal, eco-conscious and thoughtful individuals. People who enjoy spending time filling their personal space with unique creations and/or appreciate the sentimental … Continue reading »

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Repurposing Your Jars in Four Easy Steps

There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere. Annie Leonard¬†   Are you ready to embrace this newly revived and environmentally friendly craze of drinking out of a jar? Repurposing your Jars is a fun, simple and sustainable way to jazz up any party or gathering. It … Continue reading »

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Chainsaw Art Inspiration – A Simple Way To Decorate Your Garden

So for one reason or another you have a tree stump sitting dormant in your garden. You have no fireplace where you can safely burn the wood and organising a stump grinder is an added expense. So what can you do to make the stump look more appealing? How about creating some Chainsaw Art¬†(Ch-art) in … Continue reading »

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#DIY Jigsaw Piece Plate – Out of the Man Cave

Introducing the newest category for CWMS¬†Out of the Man Cave This quirky and unique¬†jigsaw piece plate¬†certainly is a terrific conversation starter at dinner parties.¬†It is a perfect example of taking something no longer needed in its original form and¬†upcycling¬†it into something new. The ‘Royal We’ are responsible for bringing this clever and practical idea to … Continue reading »

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