Clean up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia Day
Posted by on March 2, 2014


Did you know Clean Up Australia Day has become the Nation’s largest community-based environmental event?


The founder, Ian Kiernan, is an ‘average Australian bloke’, builder by trade and passionate solo yachtsman. It was during the 1987 BOC Challenge Solo Round-the-World Yacht Race, Ian witnessed first hand the effect our pollution is having in oceans globally.

Motivated to make a difference, Ian, supported by a committee of friends, co-ordinated Clean Up Sydney Harbour Day in 1989. The call inspired a group of 40,000 volunteers who participated in this first ever event and together removed many tonnes of rubbish.

The following year the organisation set out to inspire our Nation. In 1990 an estimated 300,000 enthusiastic volunteers proved Australian’s care about the effect pollution has on the environment and so Clean Up Australia Day was born.


Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up The World Day began in 1993 with the full support from the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). An estimated 30 Million volunteers in 80 countries dedicated themselves to the world first event. Since the launch day an estimated 40 Million people from 130 countries have participated and strongly believe in the campaign theme:

Our Place…Our Planet…Our Responsibility

The organisation ‘Clean Up Australia Day’, has developed into a strong voice providing the tools to communities, governments and businesses¬†sharing practical ways we can all participate¬†and assist in¬†finding solutions¬†for sustainable living.

Clean Up Australia Day
Yesterday, 2nd March,
 was the official Clean Up Australia Day 2014.

Although our group wasn’t counted with the 6361 groups who officially registered this year, we hit the beach with our buckets and picked up every piece of rubbish we walked past. Along the way our conversations educated the children on the importance of correct rubbish disposal and we also found ourselves giving a huge ‘shout out’ about Clean Up Australia Day to all the curious passers by.

The final tally for 2014 has been released:

– 572,400 volunteers

– 15,700 Tonnes of rubbish removed

– 7,140 sites across the country registered

Huge congratulations to all those who got involved!

Community organisations can’t have the success they do without continued support from their dedicated volunteers.

Helpful Hints for 2015

Whether you register with a group or just set out on your own, remember to:

  • Slip (on a shirt), Slop (on some sunscreen), Slap (on a hat)
  • Take¬†containers for the rubbish
  • Pack some gloves

A rubbish picker would have been handy but not a necessity

Have you ever been a part of¬† ‘Clean up Australia/World Day’?

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  1. Oma

    Well done Team, very inspiring xx

    • Shea

      Thankyou O’ma. Looking back over the clean beach gave us a great sense of achievment once we were finished.

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