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Posted by on May 19, 2013
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I Really didn’t enjoy toilet training my Little Man. It was hard work and didn’t feel natural
Our Little Man was two years and two months when he was fully toilet trained through the day. It was a constant brain straining exercise for us filled with stickers, reward charts, special toilet training books and hours and hours of sitting by the toilet reading books so he would sit there and relax long enough to do the job at hand. The rest of the time was spent mopping up accidents from the floor and continuous washing of soiled clothes. Toddlers are completely mobile and self sufficient so stopping whatever game he was engrossed in and going to the toilet was a complete inconvenience for him!

Our Baby Girl is one year old and only wears a nappy at night time. She still has accidents, but not to the extent that I am concerned about leaving the house nappy free. Toilet training her is a more relaxed process watching her master one of the many important skills she will learn in her lifetime.

We began the process right from her being a newborn so she has always had an awareness of her body and the process of eliminating. The whole family is on board supporting her as she in fact leads us every step of the way. We are as equally shocked at her ability as we are proud at each new stage she progresses through. Ultimately we are all watching what is she going to do next. We are consciously aware of her body language and present to what she is telling us. Our family and friends are all enthralled watching what she is capable of at such a young age and since no one I know has toilet trained their ‘baby’ we are taking each day one step at a time.

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