Fashion Revolution Week – the most perfect time for a #haulternative #haulternative
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“Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will”.

Anne Klein 


It’s Fashion Revolution Week and this year I would like to share a selection of ‘2hand’ outfits in support of their ‘#haulternative’ campaign. An initiative designed to start conversations around fun, practical and environmentally friendly alternatives to buying new, when your wardrobe needs refreshing. #haulternative

WHO is Fashion Revolution?

Fashion Revolution is a global movement created on the day the Rana Plaza factory collapsed. This tragedy

“… is considered the deadliest garment-factory accident in history, as well as the deadliest accidental structural failure in modern human history.


Rana Plaza was an eight story commercial building which collapsed on 24 April 2013. Cracks were discovered in the building the previous day and many businesses listened to the warnings issued and immediately closed. Sadly the workers from five garment manufacturing factories in the building were ordered to continue working. 2,500 injured people were rescued from the building however 1,138 people lost their life.

“We love fashion, but we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet”.

Fashion Revolution #haulternative

Fashion lovers from all over the world have embraced the Fashion Revolution campaign and risen to the challenge of engaging in ethical conversations within the garment industry. In the three short years since conception this community has passionately begun to highlight brands committed to empowering, verses those exploiting, their human makers. At the time of publishing 123,718 posts, tagged with #whomademyclothes, have already been shared to social media – it certainly is inspiring to see this movement rapidly gain momentum. #haulternative

Fashion Revolution has also provided the opportunity for consumers to show their gratitude to the talented makers behind the scenes. After all, it is thanks to the skills and creativity of these hardworking individuals that we have the clothing to wear, which makes us look and feel so great.

During Fashion Revolution Week, brands and producers are encouraged to respond with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes to demonstrate transparency within their supply chain.

"Your tee shirt should cost more than your latte"… ! Today I am asking @alannahhill – #whomademyclothes… for @fash_rev @fash_rev_ausnz . The above statement has really struck a chord with me. I am the first to put up my hand and admit, although the majority of my clothes come from local small labels, op shops (this shrug was thrifted by my gorgeous sister and sent to me so I had a glamorous top to cover-my-shoulders 😘) and quirky markets, I do own some 'fast fashion' clothes which I am not so proud of… . So for this year's #fashionrevolution I am proudly sharing the accounts of my 'go to' ladies who will regularly inspire us all to be more aware, responsible and conscious consumers:- @sustainabilityinstyle @ecowarriorprincess @fayedelanty @rocket_science @thegreenhub_ @greenwithme_au @goodonyou_app … and wondering, will you ask the question – #whomadeyourclothes?

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There is a certain confidence which comes with stepping out in an outfit which you know has been ‘made with love’ all the way along the supply chain. Especially when, during friendly conversations about latest purchases, you can reply to compliments by proudly sharing the story behind the brand.


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WHY #Haulternative ?

Fashion Revolution has suggested nine ‘Haulternatives’ to prove there are many perfectly satisfying ‘fashion haul’ options to remember when refreshing your wardrobe:

• Love story
• Broken but beautiful
• Fashion fix
• 2hand
• Swap
• Vintage • Hire
• Slow

It will come as no surprise to regular followers that I am partial to ‘2hand‘ !

Keeping my eye out for quirky and unique ‘one-off finds’ has always been my preferred shopping experience. So much so that I have even extended myself the challenge of sourcing preloved for the majority of furniture needed for our UAE ‘Less is More’ Expat Home – you can see how my decorating is coming along here.

We are currently living our UAE Expat Chapter and, as we arrived in the UAE with only a suitcase each, there has come a time when my wardrobe has needed updating. Considering there are no ‘thrift shops’ in the UAE this initially posed quite a challenge – until I discovered Facebook Marketplaces AND So Chic UAE.

At first glance Dubai (and Abu Dhabi for that matter) dosen't appear to have a thriving #preloved 'scene'. Scratch the surface however and, due perhaps to the rise of their transient community, you will find an evolving and primarily online marketplace. That's where @sochicuae comes in. Two ladies who are French, Fabulous and have an eye for Chic Style, have taken shopping for 'Second Life Fashion' to a whole other level. . . Last night we enjoyed a Private Preview of their latest pop-up sale and today (Tuesday), as well as tomorrow, it is your turn. You will find the girls @nikkibeachdubai – AND Tuesday is Ladies Day by the exclusive pool!!! 🙌 . {remember to swipe 4 my first multi post 😉} . #sochicuae #privatesale #nikkibeachdubai #dubaifashion #frenchfashion #sustainablestyle

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Wondering exactly how this fits in with sustainability. Here’s a daunting fact from the Fashion Revolution website:

…it takes 2720 litres of water to produce one t-shirt. That’s how much you and I will drink over three years! Making clothing takes a huge amount of resources. And sadly, so much of our clothing ends up in landfill. In fact, in the USA, about 11 million tonnes of it ends up in landfil. And about 95% of that could have been recycled or upcycled.


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So how did I go?

I realise I might not hit the big time with my fashion photography however, I hope these outfits have inspired you to consider a #haulternative option next time your wardrobe needs an update.

Before I go I just want to acknowledge that the team at Fashion Revolution did suggest a video to support their #haulternative campaign. Since I wasn’t able to produce one myself, I’d like to introduce you to two super cool ‘Eco Chic’ Aussies who have – @FayeDelaney and Anita @Rocket_Science. I highly recommend you check out their Fashion Revolution #Haulternative Video here! Then pop over to their Insta accounts which are overflowing with sustainable fashion alternatives and show them some love. Say “HI” from me 😘


This Sustainable Lifestyle Journey I am on has led me down a variety of paths and has sparked an awareness of the positive impact we can have as consumers by simply making conscious choices. Becoming passionate about supporting fair trade and ethical brands, as well as continuing to find ways to reduce and reuse are habits we can all easily incorporate into our everyday spending routine.


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Who is ready to join the Fashion Revolution?

For more information visit the Fashion Revolution website, read more about #haulternative here and head to your local social media pages, for example: @fash_rev_ausnz + @fash_revuae , for continued inspiration. 


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  1. Tarana Khan

    I had no idea we were wasting so many resources on clothes 🙁 And to think we change our wardrobes so often. This has really given me food for thought. I applaud you for making this lifestyle change, and it’s certainly inspiring!

    • Shea

      Isn’t that just the best thing about the growing network of blogging and the power of social media Tarana. We have the opportunity to learn so much! Some of the practises in the fashion industry are just down right heartbreaking. On a positive note there are some really inspiring changes happening as awareness is growing. X

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