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Posted by on November 27, 2016


If you think you are too small to make a difference, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.

Anita Rodick


GoGetCar Share is designed for people who occasionally need the convenience of a vehicle, without the commitment of actually owning one. Australia’s first and largest national car sharing network, which provides flexibility for those times when you need a car for just a couple of hours, or maybe an odd day here and there.

How cool is that!

Each GoGet car is shared with approximately 23 members and the Company estimates that nine private cars are taken off the road with each vehicle added to their fleet. This plays a massive role in reducing the amount of congestion on our roads and has reported to have freed up 55 kilometres of car parking space across Australia.

Therefore, booking a share car just for specific time periods, is not only cost effective and convenient for each Member, it just as importantly contributes to a cleaner, less polluted Environment.

By providing an alternative to personal car ownership across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide, GoGet are initiating a national cultural change. A Company which is also encouraging the use of public transport, supporting the cycling movement and promoting the choice to walk to our destination.

A Positive Impact on us and our planet.


Here are the 5 simple steps required to join in the car sharing initiative:

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1. Firstly the GoGet Annual Joining Fees and Membership

There are four Membership levels: General, Business, Student and Accessible (those persons with, or caring for someone with a disability).

As the cars are unlocked with a Smart Card, the first step is to jump online, choose your level of membership and register. Make sure you allow a couple of days for your personal Card to be posted out to you. If you need to access the cars in a hurry, you can arrange to pick it up at a designated pickup point.

2. Booking Your GoGet Ride

Once you have your Card you are ready to roll – all that is left to do is to choose your ride. Head to the GoGet Website and enter your required pick up location. You will then be redirected to a local map which will show the exact location of the GoGet cars parked in your area.

You get to choose from a range of vehicles in the fleet (depending on the area). From economy cars such as a Yaris or Corolla, an Audi convertible for something a bit more sporty, maybe a practical car such as a sedan or even an SUV. If you need a bit of extra room, choose a van or ute, especially if you have some ‘stuff’ to move or perhaps a people mover, which is large enough to fit your whole tribe!

3. Where To Find Your GoGet Car

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The GoGet cars are parked in designated areas on side roads or in a public car park. You will see a sign on the kerb clearly marked with ‘Car Share’ and the road will have distinct stripes. The place where you pick up your car is also the place where you must return it when you are finished. In our experience the cars were always left clean and in good working condition.

4. Now About The GoGet Key…

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The key for the GoGet cars are permanently attached to the inside of the vehicle. You only need the Smart Card, which you receive after you register online, to initially access the car. You simply swipe your Card over the reader on the outside windscreen and you are in. You will find the keys inside, ready for you. It is also by swiping the Card over the reader on the outside which locks the car after you are finished.

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The cars can be locked and unlocked remotely so, if you are having any issues, just ring the friendly and ever so helpful team, at the GoGet call centre for assistance.

5. So How Much Does This All Cost…?

Prices are reflected by your Membership rate and include insurance and petrol. The vehicle is only required to be topped up with petrol if it falls below a quarter of a tank and they each have a fuel card attached to the key to cover this cost.

Rates are per hour, or per day, depending on your needs and extra per kilometre if you exceed the allocated distance.

And that is simply it!

So perfect for city folk and/or travellers who perhaps don’t own a car and happily rely on public transport for their everyday routines.

‘Norman’ the Corolla would be perfect for someone who perhaps has a friend coming to stay for a week or so, arriving late into Sydney after a long haul flight. With the thought of messing about on public transport with luggage being just too much to bear.

‘Russell’ the Yaris is just the car to get from A to B. Lets say if, through-out the course of the week, you have an appointment booked at a ‘Bath House’ in the suburbs. The last thing you need is to be worried about running late and missing even a second of pampering and relaxation in and around the pool area.

Maybe you could book ‘Zheng’ the Yaris, just for a couple of hours, if you are heading out to a market for a spot of shopping or meeting a special guest at the Ferry terminal. I mean if you have already signed up for GoGet, you know it is just so simple and convenient to use. Then you also realise, it works out exceptionally affordable when you calculate the alternative public transport cost for 3 people, so you think – what the heck!!

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So tell me, is Car Sharing an initiative you would consider becoming a member of? Or perhaps you have personal experience with something similar? We would really love to hear about your experience so please, join our conversation below in the comment section, or head over to one of our social media platforms @ Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.

Looking forward to chatting with you there…


Disclosure: CWMS has in no way or means been sponsored by GoGet to write this post and the thoughts and opinions expressed are purely our own. CWMS is excited to share this new discovery and to start the Car Share conversation which aligns with our Keeping it R.E.A.L ethos. You can help us support a greener future for ourselves and our planet by spreading the news of this Australian Company which is having such A Positive Impact through your own individual networks.

Together we really can make a difference!

X Shea

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4 Responses to GoGet Car Share – Convenience without the Commitment

  1. Tarana

    I’ve been talking to my husband about how much we need a service like this in Dubai. It would make such a difference!

    • Shea

      I just can’t tell you how easy and practical it was to jump in a GoGet for a couple of hours when we needed it, then return the car when we were done Tarana. Such a clever longterm alternative to minimising cars on an already congested network.

  2. Zeyna S. Mummy On My Mind

    Wow, I haven’t heard about this before so very good to know such a thing exists, and so useful too!

    • Shea

      I hadn’t either heard about it either Zeyna, definitely something I’m going to look out for when visiting somewhere short term. They even had pet friendly cars and cars equipped with child seats – super convenient!

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