Have you Named Your Year?

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Posted by on January 19, 2014


I hope this ‘post’ lands in your Inbox at a time when you are all beginning to settle back into a routine fresher, more relaxed and ready to make 2014 your best year yet.

It is inevitable that as one year ends and another starts, we begin to think and plan our New Year. Many of you will be spending time contemplating your ‘New Year’s Resolution’ while others construct a ‘To Do’ or ‘Not to Do’ list. The challenge then is committing a portion of your ‘time’ to ensuring these goals become a reality.

At the end of every year our focused and very driven Cousin, reminds us it’s time to ‘Name your Year’. What started as a random idea deep in the “dark recesses of my mind” (quote un-quote) has become an annual commitment for around five years now. Many of us (both family and friends) have joined in the exercise and it is a regular talking point over a cold drink or two during the Festive Season. This year my reminder came in via a text message on the 25th November 2013 –

“Have you worked out your 2014 Theme????”

He, of course, had his already sorted – ‘2014, The Year of Zen Ben’.

There was much to-ing and fro-ing with text messaging after that as I tried to decipher if that meant Yoga, becoming a Vegetarian and taking up Meditation? Him relax? Not likely….

His reply was “Think more along the lines of Shoulin Monk!”

For previous years my Themes have been:

‘Year of the Baby’ – I am an extremely proud Mother
‘Year of the Expansion’ – We sold our property, bought a larger block and moved house
‘Year of Consolidation’ – Tidied up some loose ends with my Mum’s properties and was chief  ‘Project Manager’ during the renovation of her new unit
‘Year of the Baby’ – #2

My 2013 ‘Theme’ was ‘Progress not Perfection’ and I committed to starting this website, with the devoted help of my Editor in Chief ‘My Mum!’ I have ‘progressed‘ through a MASSIVE technical learning curve as I started building this site from scratch (with zero tech experience) and accepted it didn’t have to begin being ‘perfect‘ I just needed to start!

In 2014 I named my Year – conversationswithmysister_Have you Named your Year

This simply means I am going to allocate time to step out of my usual daily routine to enjoy activities which are just for me – easier said than done with a young family to look after!

I really hope you enjoy the results of my Progress as I continue to Perfect my new found passion – Blogging. If the ‘Year of Sabbatical’ goes well, by this time next year I will be proud to look back on loads of published, interesting musings. Writing and sharing discoveries I have made is definitely high on my list of enjoyable activities I look forward to during some allocated ‘me’ time….

How do you start planning your year ahead?
Why not begin the simple (yet not so easy) tradition of Naming your Year – then commit to sticking to your Theme for the next 12 months?

I would love to know how you get on – share your stories in the comments below.

It’s a fun exercise really….

– Shea

My discoveries so far…

Before disposable nappies the toilet training process started back at newborn stage

Before disposable nappies the toilet training process started back at newborn stage

The article which inspired me to Talk Rubbish

Next week…The article which inspired me to Talk Rubbish

2014 Theme Change - Striving For Balance

STOP THE PRESS! 2014 Theme Change – Striving For Balance







13 Responses to Have you Named Your Year?

  1. Katie

    I think we have the same relation… He got me thinking too and 2014 is the year of Move It! I’m finding the sporty healthy sister within, baring no excuses!!! Working well so far

    • Shea

      Excellent!!! I hear you look fantastic and have shares in Lorna Jane…

  2. Oma

    Woohoo, very well done on your new adventure xx

  3. Karlie

    After 2 days of deliberation I have decided that mine will be the year of ‘Taking Action!’… Starting tonight. Feels great! Thanks for the nudge hehe

    • Shea

      ‘You go girl!’ I look forward to hearing all about your ‘Mission’s accomplished!’

  4. Balanced Naturopathics

    My year is the year of “Thoughtful spending”.
    Reducing my food bill and food wastage without sacrificing taste or nutrition is my main aim this year. Along with considering when we “need” something over “wanting” it.

    We have some financial goals we are aiming for and I look forward to the breathing space that I’m sure will come with spending less and having a little more aside for emergencies.

    • Shea

      Congratulations!!! I really look forward to following the journey as you explore your theme this year. I hope by committing on paper -well the World Wide Web- it kick starts your energy and motivation….

  5. Sonia Jones Travel

    Mine is The Year of Just Do It. Great post Shea 🙂

    • Shea

      Thanks Sonia, it’s great to see this post has had such a positive response.
      Have fun with your ‘Theme’. I’m looking forward to hearing how great 2014 has been with the name ‘Just Do It!’

  6. Brendan

    Mine is the ‘Year of Progress’. Main points to focus on include:
    – Support and help my beautiful wife gain her event planning certification
    – Help and support my kids as they progress on their journey to adulthood
    – Complete the backyard renovations (entertaining area and pool)
    – Buy a property
    – Add another customer to my fledgling business improvement consultancy work

    Thanks Zen Ben and Sheady!

    • Shea

      Gosh you are going to have a busy and diverse year this year Brendan. You might need some time out with ‘Zen Ben’ over Xmas to recoupe!!

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