Honey We’re Home – Crutches and a New Potty

Posted by on October 27, 2013

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40 Weeks – Back to our normal routine.

Baby Girl is still wetting when she is in her high chair eating at home. I have taken to putting her in the high chair with no pants on as it saves washing. We try putting her on the potty before she eats but generally she is too hungry and it is impossible to get her to sit down. We then tried sitting her on the potty with a snack, then we put her in the high chair. This seems to be the best answer so far. She was even sitting on her O’ma’s lap today eating a banana and wee’d all over her. It was the first time we actually saw it as it was happening and we could really express our disappointment to her. I presume she will grow out of it – patience, patience, patience…


41 Weeks – One thing that I whole heartedly believe in is consistency with parenting. I believe once you start something you need to continue (unless what you have tried is a disaster, of course then you would abort) so children don’t get mixed messages. I can imagine if we were full on supporting Baby Girl with toilet training one day and not the next she wouldn’t know what was going on.

However….NEWS FLASH!

I have broken my toe so I’m on crutches Grrrr. So although I am on crutches I will do my best with consistency.

We have resorted to putting pull ups back on through the day as it is impossible for me to be as attentive. We’ll put her back in toilet training pants through the day when I am more mobile again. While on crutches I can’t follow her around or get the washing done so it will make life easy for me to revert back to a nappy for a while. She has a cold and is pretty miserable so we’ll take a break. Of course I will still offer the potty at all the same times we usually do but, the nappy will be there just in case.

Since we have been home from the beach Baby Girl is so restless. Crying a lot and so unsettled. Not sure if it is teeth, not getting as much attention, bored at home – all of the above. Potty success rate is down to one or two successes a day. Poo’s still have the highest success rate but struggling with the wee’s.

Finding the right potty

I have had to give up trying to find a new potty as good as the old one. No potty I have seen is as rounded on the edges as our first potty we kept from our Little Man. The ones on the market at the moment seem to have more squared off edges, which leave marks on the skin and can’t possibly be as comfy. Who’d have ever thought I’d be so fussy with potty’s hay!?!? But I am…..

After watching me search for a new potty, trying to hold Baby Girl steady on the broken potty and not so successfully transiting her to using the toilet, my Husband took matters into his own hands and arrived home with a new ‘u-beaut’, Rolls Royce potty (or maybe he just felt so guilty for breaking the old one he thought he should try and make amends). Amazing what parenting does to a man – can’t imagine him in a baby shop asking about potties!

My initial reaction to this new potty was too expensive, too square on the seat and too big and bulky. Baby Girl must have thought the same as getting her to sit and use it became our next challenge. Here we are, brand new potty sitting there and we were still forced to struggle with her using the broken one. Sitting her on the toilet is hit and miss at this stage, she really is a potty girl. Funny how she took to the portable potty first time and we have to ease her into this one one slowly.


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