How To Build A Treasure Garden For Your Little Collectors

Posted by on July 6, 2014

Creating a Treasure Garden is a great holiday activity if you happen to have a child who lovingly collects rocks, shells, sticks, pretty leaves and anything else which grabs their attention when they are out and about. (Or maybe you are all grown up and this above statement applys to you!)

Helping your little collector build their own garden gives them a space to proudly house their precious discoveries, rather than accumulating ‘stashes’ all over the house. Win/Win…


Our (now six year old) Environmentalist is constantly absorbing everything which is in his immediate surroundings, blessed with a personality which always allows the time to regularly stop and make discoveries. He was the first to notice our Native Bees carrying pollen with their back legs and who, on one special occasion, had the patience to stand still for long enough for a butterfly to dance on his arm.

It is thanks to his O’ma and her love of stones that each time a rock captures his attention he will immediately stop to pick it up, turn it over in his hand, note how smooth or warm it feels or whether it has a sparkle in it when you hold it up to the sun. More often than not it is carefully carried home in his pocket and found just before the shorts get thrown in the wash – sound familiar?

This is how we made this Treasure Garden and created a special place to display his finds:


Rocky shell garden - you will need

  • Choose a section of the garden which they can call their own
  • Shade cloth – to prevent the rocks disappearing into the dirt
  • Scissors – to cut the liner to size
  • Rocks, shells etc to decorate – no problems with that!



Rocky Shell Garden

Cut the shade cloth to size and place it in the garden




Fill with treasures – remember to leave room for future finds


The idea for this Treasure Garden came from me wanting to embrace our Little Man’s appreciation of nature. Our busy family is so grateful to have him in our lives teaching us the joys and discoveries which can be experienced when you slow down and ‘smell the roses’. It is a real treat to take time out and sit together in his special space and listen as he talks about each and every item in his collection. There are important lessons to be learnt from children – I especially need reminding to take the time to just sit still, be present and listen.


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How do you like the Treasure Garden idea? Have you thought of another way to display your children’s precious treasures which you could share with us? If anyone has another idea other than using shade cloth I would especially love to hear it.

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  1. Karlie Dowley

    I think this should be made into a poster… ‘I especially need reminding to take the time to just sit still, be present and listen’ I would buy it! Thanks for sharing.

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