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Posted by on December 1, 2013

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Since Baby Girl is wanting to use the toilet most of the time (the potty still gets used on occasion) we now include the next part of the toilet training process to her routine. The toilet visit now includes:

  • Practising how to wipe herself. She generally wipes her tummy, the edge of the toilet or simply just drops the paper straight into the toilet after I give it to her; so we have a bit to go with that one
  • Putting down the lid and flushing the toilet herself
  • Washing our hands. She loves playing in the sink with the bubbles, so that is a real draw card
  • Both her and her brother have towels with their name on it so the last stage is pointing to and reading the names on the towels as she dries her hands

I have found great books which both kids have loved to read called – Toilet Time.

Toilet Time

I really like them because they use the same consistent language that we do. Calling a toilet a toilet and potty a potty. (No American or British English.) It’s very clear, simple and most importantly makes perfect sense to them. These particular books (I’m sure there are loads on the market) explain the whole toileting process and the big drawcard is it even has a button to press which makes a toilet flushing noise – brilliant – a book that does something!!

Our whole family is involved with her training. Most the time we all go to the toilet with the door open so Baby Girl can see its a normal, regular part of the day. Our now 5 year old Little Man even does his bit to encourage and support her learning. He gave her one of his stamps the other day as a reward and she walked around with her hand up in the air all morning showing it off. Getting such a treat from her Big Brother absolutely made her day!



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