I’m not going to tell you it’s going to be easy – I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it

Art Williams


Conversations With My Sister¬†(CWMS) is on a mission to¬†sustain a¬†R.E.A.L. lifestyle. Encouraging a culture of conscious consumerism, supporting local, fair trade and ethical businesses, making ‘greener’ choices, a commitment to health and well being, enjoying quality family time and implementing as many ‘re’ words into everyday routine as possible – reuse, recycle, repurpose, repair, reduce, refuse, reimagine, relove, reconnect…take your pick!

We are passionate about starting each year with a specific focus and are huge advocates of promoting the simple exercise of Naming Your Year. This annual tradition creates a deliberate intention, which will encourage and motivate you to chase your wildest dreams and do something you are excited and proud of everyday.


Right now our family has packed up home in Australia and is sharing discoveries and adventures during our #UAEExpatChapter. Our R.E.A.L values have lead us to embrace a life with Less Stuff, committed to enjoying More Experiences while living in the Middle East.  


Keeping It R.E.A.L


Keeping It REAL/Respecting Our Environment|| Respect Our precious Environment ||  Just imagine the long term advantages of living in a world where each day, everyone implements at least one sustainable practise.



Keeping It REAL/Explore & Discover

|| Explore and Discover¬†|| A life of adventure while¬†continuing¬†the challenge of living with¬†‘Less Stuff, More Experiences’.



Keeping It REAL/A Positive Impact

|| Let’s ensure our everyday¬†Impact¬†is Positive || The real gift is sustaining this energy and making it significant and contagious.



Keeping It REAL/Living Conscientiously

|| Living Conscientiously || Making informed decisions, embracing change and new opportunities, setting good examples and being consistently environmentally aware.



The¬†Keeping It R.E.A.L values are an effective ‘check list’¬†to ensure a¬†balance of happy, healthy¬†and¬†sustainable¬†lifestyle¬†habits which¬†have a positive impact on your wellbeing and¬†contribute to the future health of our planet – wherever you are in the world! Striving to be the change and leading by example will also provide strong role models for our impressionable children to follow.

I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of such an inspiring community of like minded people and proud of the fact that we are gathering momentum every day. CWMS certainly has come a long way since our first year (named ‘Progress not Perfection‘), when we began sharing conversations around the growing awareness of minimising¬†‘rubbish’ – you can read the start of our journey here.


Never is there anything going on in my world I don’t share with my Sister and it is she who has encouraged me to share these discoveries and adventures with you.


We¬†are so glad you stopped by and personally invite you to stick around,¬†join our conversations¬†and¬†share with us your ‘Keeping It R.E.A.L’ challenges and successes.


  #LetsDoThis !



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May I suggest you ‘Name your Year’. This annual tradition was started and gained significant momentum in our family,¬†thanks to¬†my ‘wise’ Cousin. It is a simple goal setting idea highly recommended to help¬†establish a focus and guide you through everyday decisions and actions. Read about¬†2016 – One Day Is¬†Today¬†here,¬†2015Less Is More here¬†and¬†2014¬†Striving For Balance here.

It was¬†this same¬†Cousin who insisted the best way to follow ones passion is to stop procrastinating and ‘just start’ so¬†2013 became The Year for Progress Not Perfection.¬†The time I took a deep breath, committed and started this blog – from scratch, with no previous technological expertise!



Share this website with someone who you know would enjoy and benefit from being a part of the Keeping It R.E.A.L journey. The more people we have adding valuable insight and sharing ideas in our community, the more helpful we will all become.


I sincerely look forward to sharing some interesting conversations . . .

– Shea

P.S. All credits for the photo at the top of this post can be directed to Captured By Karlie, my photographer of choice, who continually has the patience (and humour) to make me relax in front of a camera!