It Must Have Been Fete!

Posted by on June 15, 2014

How often do you get to carry home bags, full to the brim, of clothes with the total cost coming in at under $100! At that price they can’t be anything much to talk about right?


That, my friend, is exactly the basis of this story. A movie-star-style shopping spree courtesy of the preloved clothing stall at the school fete – ultimately making a conscious choice to support our local community. Good quality designer labels in lovely natural fabrics of cotton and silk … all in perfect condition and ready to be reloved!

OK granted one needs the extra patience to rummage through piles of clothes but what it comes down to is the thrill of the discovery. Finding that one-off piece, which you are not likely to then see walking down the street looking better on someone else and well within budget.

That buzz of success is reignited once again when you arrive home and try on the whole haul once again. Time to start pondering how to turn each of these items into an outfit … After all, is there any┬ápoint buying something if you can’t reuse it?

1.Bold and the Beautiful

This shirt was instantly reloved (my personal favourite) and became the basis of a perfect casual Autumn outfit. It is beautiful and it only took a few minutes of sifting through my wardrobe to uncover the rest of the items needed to pull this finished look together. This bold hat was bought at the Fremantle markets in Perth, so thrilled at how well it completes this look.




This 100% silk spotted dress is the reloved item in this outfit and looked fun when it was mixed with both the contrasting colour and texture of faux fur. Would love to wear it with some black ankle boots, but for now a decision will have to be made with what is available – pointed stilettos or open toed wedges?




The shirt is the piece which initiated this outfit. The smooth texture of 100% silk is perfectly complimented by the authentic vintage faux fur jacket. This jacket was a Mothers Day gift from my husband a couple of years ago and is my prized possession – not to be worn if there is any chance of red wine being consumed! The shabby jeans compliment the chic touch of stilettos and sparkle of the handbag which was a random find at a local ‘op’ shop.


So what do you think – do these outfits work?
Which is your favourite: The Bold and the Beautiful, a Spot of Fun or Shabby Chic?


Whether you have success wandering around a local market or discover an independent boutique or quirky designer, the most interesting purchases are more often than not the ones which come with a story. Although we are all guilty of owning items which are manufactured in less than ideal circumstances, I’m sure you can all agree the mass produced clothes in your wardrobe don’t tend to hold the same personal value as the little number you found when least expected.

There are so many ‘re’ words┬áwhich can easily be incorporated into everyday life:┬áthis small collection ‘resonate‘ with me: reuse, recycle, reduce, repurpose, refuse, repair, reconnect, real, rediscover, reconsider, recreate and RELOVED, the newest term discovered.

Which word could you put into action to prevent any more unnecessary waste ending up in landfill?

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6 Responses to It Must Have Been Fete!

  1. Oma

    Re(al) Sensational . . . does that count as a Re word? xx

    • Shea

      It does in my books O’ma – one of the first words marked on my ‘re’ tree.

  2. Katherine

    Great finds!! Was that from our local fete? I definitely like the Bold and the Beautiful the best.

    • Shea

      Sure was Katherine! I’ll meet you there in two years time…:-)

  3. Karlie Dowley

    Love ‘Shabby Chic’! Great find!

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