Name Your Year – Mid Year Review

Posted by on July 13, 2014

Many of you took up the challenge in January and decided to ‘Name Your Year’. We are already half way through 2014 so, right now is the perfect opportunity to check in and see how you are going honouring your Personal Focus and hear about the lessons you have you learnt so far?

If you have just recently found us, ‘Naming your Year‘ is an annual tradition my cousin challenges me to commit to. At the beginning of this year we invited the readers of CWMS to join in with this conversation and there was a terrific response!

This simple, but not always easy exercise is a positive way to begin the year and can be a helpful point of reference during certain decision making situations and for guidance with achieving goals.

It is never too late to start…

Being frustrated with constantly being ‘busy’ is the one reason I decided 2014 was the year for ‘Striving for Balance’.

Ask anybody ‘how they are’ and the most likely answer you will receive is

“Busy, how about you?”

You will most likely casually nod your head and reply –


Does this mean we are all just surviving through our week rather than thriving?

The key ingredient for Striving for Balance is shaping up to be simply stop being consistently ‘busy’ and schedule in some down time. There is no balance to a day which starts and never stops.

For example:

Our Baby Girl loves her ‘bippies’ (biscuits) and everyday she sits down, where ever she is, to enjoy this little treat. Her favourite thing is for the two of us to sit down together so, instead of saying –

“Mummy will just do ‘blahBlahBlah’ then sit down with you.”

Which can lead from one thing into another and before you know it a whole day disappears being ‘busy’. Our new routine is –

“Mummy will just make a cup of tea and come straight out and join you.”

After all ‘a cup of tea without a biscuit is a wasted opportunity!’

We have a great little chat (she has just turned two) and flick through a magazine, all while having a little tea party. Far more important than finishing the ‘blahblahblah’ which will still be sitting there in 10 minutes or so when we are done.

To help keep this ‘busy’ Mother on track with Striving for Balance are two children and a supportive Husband. One child constantly reminding her to stop and admire the many treasures which can be collected for the garden, one who will always sit down for a chat and a ‘bippy’ and a Husband keen to pack a suitcase and head off on regular family holiday’s and mini breaks. In between there are nights such as Friday Night Movie Night where extended Family and Friends are always welcome to come over and celebrate the start of the weekend and join us for Fish and Chips and a catch up.

There is no one, simple, solution to balancing a busy schedule as chores, Family, Friends and responsibilities come with the territory but, everyday there is time put aside for tea and ‘bippies’ and that is a start.

Hopefully when Baby Girl calls in to see her Mum when she is all grown up we will continue to sit together for a ‘tea party’ and a chat; after all, she is the one who initiated our important morning ritual. It will be just as special in the future as it is now and my tea will still be poured in the cup our Little Man made-with-love for Mothers day, during his first year at school.


Enough about my discoveries, what lessons have you learnt or what new ideas have you implemented so far as you strive to achieve your goal and be true to your Personal Motto? I would love to read about them in the comment section below if you are happy to share.

If committing to Naming Your Year is a bit daunting, follow this link to our Facebook page and our Attitude of Gratitude post we shared last week from ‘HealtheCo‘, a new Health and Wellness Consultancy. Putting in writing three things you are grateful for today is a really positive exercise to get into the habit of and it will buy you time as you ponder 2015 – The Year Of…

– Shea

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4 Responses to Name Your Year – Mid Year Review

  1. Oma

    All by self, well done, great read and so pertinent xx

  2. Karlie Dowley

    Do you know I had nearly forgotten what I had named my year let-a-lone using it it regularly to help inspire me!! So pleased you have put up this post so that it can come back to the front of my mind for the rest of the year.

    Also, I love this picture!! Could just picture myself sitting there in the sunshine having a ‘cuppa’.


    • Shea

      Oh that has made my day – so terrific to hear a story of mine is making a difference! 🙂
      Go forth and ‘Take Action‘ Karlie…

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