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Posted by on September 19, 2013

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I have a couple of out and about stories.

8 weeks old Out of the Box Festival – This festival is a big children’s festival in Brisbane and I decided to tackle a day out. Little Man was keen to go and join in with a few events. We were getting towards the end of our day and decided we all needed a break and a picnic so we found a little empty space to set up in front of the main stage so we would be entertained while we ate.

Once our Little Man was set up with his food I thought I’d do a quick feed and nappy change of Baby Girl. Without much thought I lay her down on the change bag for a nappy change. Right on queue she started to poo. Oh man! The thought didn’t even cross my mind as I was so pre-occupied with keeping up with the day. So here I am clean nappy barely in place, crammed in a crowd of families, stuff everywhere and our Baby Girl grinning up at me proud as punch because she was doing just what we have practiced together. I had to apologise to others around us who were eating and sort out her nappy position quick smart! Careful what you wish for…..

22 weeks old Family Mini Break – Another great reason to start toilet training ASAP.

We were visiting my Husband’s sister in Newcastle and I took the children to the shops. We were on our way in the car, which must have been relaxing and Baby Girl decided to poo. So much for our communication practise. When we arrived and parked I had to tackle the change in the boot and it was a complete blow out. She needed not only a clean nappy but a new set of clothes. You can picture it can’t you? Four month old laying on a change mat in the boot, leakage on clothes, four year old standing beside the car holding the plastic bag as I fill it with soiled clothes. Keeping one eye on the baby wriggling, making matters so much worse and the other eye on the four year old as traffic is coming from all directions. It was such a ‘circus’ that I even had a lady stop and offer to help.

Just to test my patience I decided, for some reason, to go to the shops the next day, same time and low and behold it was ground hog day. She did it again. Unbelievable. Here we were; same car park, same shopping centre, boot up, doing a complete clothes and nappy change again. This time just to make it more exciting Little Man was bouncing around saying ‘wee Mummy wee!!’

Day three we were heading home and I was third time wiser. I gave Baby Girl her feed, then we had some quiet time lying on the change bag while she did her poo in a much more controlled environment. I could relax then for the whole way home knowing there would be no nasty surprises as she was sorted. Phew.

Nappy Bag

When our Little Man was born we were given some terrific advice from a great friend. It went something like this, “Make sure you always have your nappy bag packed and leave the house every day – even if it’s just for a walk around the block!”

Our nappy bag is a gr8x Baby Traveller and is so great because:

  • It is a unisex design as there are plenty of times Daddy and baby will have one on one time together, so he has to be comfortable carrying the nappy bag too
  • Practical layout and plenty of compartments which are easy to get to
  • It can be carried as a backpack, over the shoulder or held with the handle. The straps also easily hooked over the back of the pram
  • Opens to a mobile change table anywhere; from public baby change rooms to a quiet spot in the great outdoors. Our Little Man even used it as a bed a couple of times
  • And last, but definitely not least, it is machine washable

So a nappy bag is one important piece of equipment to assist you successfully getting out and about – choose wisely.

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