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Posted by on October 13, 2013

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33 Weeks – We need a portable potty!

I checked in with Tracy at her ‘Potty Training’ stand at the weekend markets and of course she has a brilliant solution to move us into this next stage. Potette plus.

It covers everything you need in a portable potty!!


  1.  It fits nicely on top of a toilet so your child doesn’t have to be sitting on the seat (perfect for public toilets)
  2. Folds out into a potty for when there are no toilets around. You just strap a plastic bag into the allocated slots, child sits down, you throw the bag in the bin when the child is done!
  3. It folds away flat so it takes up minimal room for carting everywhere and has its own plastic hygienic travel bag.

Baby Girl took a while to sit on the toilet with this new device in place but took to sitting on it as a potty first go.

This has been an invaluable purchase and money well and truly spent.

35 Weeks – Dry nappy in the morning.

Baby Girl has been sleeping through with no milk feeds since around 20 weeks. Her last feed is just before bed at about 6.30 – 7.00pm and she has gotten into a routine of waking up for a wee at anywhere from 10.00pm – midnight. By her using the potty during the night we have found she occasionally wakes up with a dry nappy in the morning. How great is that!? I am having trouble convincing my husband to get up and take her when she wakes up. For although he jumps up and takes our Little Man to the toilet through the night (he is four) he says “that’s what nappy is for”. Go figure….

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Stage Three - Introducing Toilet Training Underpants

Stage Three – Introducing Toilet Training Underpants








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