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Posted by on May 25, 2014

This rug is making an appearance on CWMS as it is made from recycled plastic. According to the retailer, Fab Habitat, all rugs are made using ‘shopping bags and other discarded plastic articles containing polypropylene‘. This makes the rugs extremely durable for use in high traffic areas inside and perfect for outdoor entertaining and picnics.

These ‘Fab Habitat’ rugs were discovered by my Sister-in-law almost two years ago. The Lhasa Orange and Violet Rug has been a feature in our front room ever since having the enlightening conversation about them. It instantly transformed this from a relatively unused space, into one our most favourite places in the house to just hang out.

The cushions you see placed on the rug are from Great Outdoor Cushions. This is an Australian owned small business and everything they have for sale on their website is made in Australia – HUGE tick from me!! The fabric is mildew, fade, water and stain resistant and ours still look as ‘great’ today as they did two years ago when we bought them. The fabric designs change regularly so you’ll have to jump onto their website and see what they have available at the moment.

Moving the rug from inside to outside most weekends soon became a pain so, an online order was put through to Ruchin at Fab Habitat, for rug number two. This became our outdoor rug as it was much more convenient not to disturb the set up of the front room each time we wanted to use the rug outside.

The rug we use for outside is a foldable one, same print because it was the favourite. There is a row of stitching straight down the centre enabling it to be folded in half before rolling up. This makes it a much better fit to leave in the car boot for picnics when we are out and about. (Once you use this as a picnic rug you will never want to go back to the flimsy, way too small, material ones.)

When the rug needs a clean it gets hung over the clothes line and washed down with the hose – my sort of cleaning!

The amount of plastic clogging up our planet is a major problem. As we speak, many organisations are rallying support in their quest to see single-use plastic bags banned from production. There are just as many individuals throughout the world with great initiatives, who have taken this serious environmental issue and by using the creative talents of people in the community, become part of the solution. Fab Habitat is one of them.

Supporting Fair Trade Industries and making conscious shopping choices is another way we can have a positive impact and help to reverse the effects of our throw-a-way society.

Regardless of whether you go Plastic Bag-free Shopping, Take3 when leaving the beaches and waterways or are beginning to adopt a more sustainable every day, there are many ways you can make conscious choices and take steps, however big or small, which are positive.

CWMS Facebook Page has a link to the petition if you wish to show your support and help secure QLD as State number five to ban single-use plastic bags. If not why not? Drop in and put forward your argument!

I would love you to share any pictures you have of your recycled rugs or, any other great Fair Trade/Sustainable items which readers would find interesting. Either in the comment section below or on our Social Media Pages || Facebook || Instagram || Pinterest ||

Looking forward to another week of interesting conversations with you all,

– Shea

P.S. Both online stores recommended in this story were completely safe and secure and the deliveries arrived as promised. The business’ were contactable by email and responded promptly to any questions. CWMS will only ever recommend sites which we have personally used and been completely satisfied with.

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6 Responses to Recycled Plastic Rugs

  1. Ashley

    Love this rug – bright, colourful & easy to clean. Would be great to use these for any events also as a great pop of colour and easily transportable! Thanks for the idea CWMS x

  2. Oma

    Great share, you are such a fantastic ambassador for the fab things you have found along the way, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to having my very own rug xx

    • Shea

      I tend to get over excited when something fab is found and can’t wait to share my discovery. No wonder I enjoy blogging!
      Cross everything and one day your favourite rug will appear…:-)

  3. sam

    Just wondering what size your rug is?

    • Shea

      Hi Sam, we aren’t at home at the moment to double check the rug size but we are thinking it is 240X300cm. The biggest one. Hope that helps.

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