Repurposing Your Jars in Four Easy Steps

Posted by on September 14, 2014

There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.

Annie Leonard 


Are you ready to embrace this newly revived and environmentally friendly craze of drinking out of a jar?

Repurposing your Jars is a fun, simple and sustainable way to jazz up any party or gathering. It will appeal to creative people who are always on the hunt for something a bit quirky and/or are consciously making an effort to reuse single-use items and minimise their contribution to landfill.

My Sister and I repurposed these four jars as a unique gift for our Mum – one for each of the Grandchildren for when they head over to her house for a visit and a play. The jars were ready to go for a family party on the weekend and the kids just loved the novelty of using them. They came up a treat and led to interesting conversations throughout the afternoon.

Of course you can pay next to nothing for mass produced jars in stores all over the country but, why buy something new when you can upcycle your own?

Shop bought ones aren’t ‘made with love’ and they definatley don’t come with a big dose of satisfaction and pride which can only be gained after spending a couple of hours being creative. There’s really nothing like producing something stamped with your own personal handmade touch.

You know how the saying goes:- “If I can do it, anyone can!”


You will need:

Repurposing Jar

  • Jars – screw on metal lid preferred
  • Straws for size measurement
  • Drill bit which matches the size of your straw
  • Drill bit which is twice the size as your straw
  • Clamp
  • Oil based blackboard paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Chalk

Step One:

Repurposing Jars

Soak off any labels, clean the glass surface, then allow the jars to completely dry. Eucalyptus or coconut oil is great for any stubborn ones.


Step Two:

Meanwhile, secure lid with the clamp and drill away.

Repurposing JarsUse bigger drill bit (by hand) to remove any sharp edges from around new drill hole.


Step Three:

Once the jars are dry you start to paint.

Repurposing Jars

Ensure you use smooth lines so your chalk will easily write over the finished surface. Could this part be handed over to children to keep them amused during the school holidays…?


Step Four:

Repurposing JarsAllow to completely dry before writing on the newly painted area. We had these lying flat in the sun so any excess paint didn’t run and ruin our design.


Once the initial project was completed, we went crazy and gave any jar within a 5km radius of the kitchen, an image refresh.

Repurposing Jars - Image Refresh
Now for the million dollar question – what do you think?

By repurposing these humble jars we not only have something which appears new, but have changed their destiny from single-use to reloved – something handy which will be reused over and over and over…

No need for fancy tumblers now, the kids are happier drinking out of a jar – with their own fancy PAPER STRAW of course!

So as the journey to living a sustainable lifestyle continues – we might as well have some fun along the way.


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Hope this simple idea has inspired you and you have some fun with it – we certainly did!


X Shea

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10 Responses to Repurposing Your Jars in Four Easy Steps

  1. Karlie Dowley

    …and you know that best thing about these jars- if the kids drop one and smash it, its only a matter of finishing the next jar of honey to rebuild the collection!

    So great creating something with purpose. Brilliant! ;0)

  2. Zoe

    They look awesome! I love the paint on labels

  3. Ashley

    THIS IS UNREAL!!! I have been keeping great looking jars to use as vases for small posy’s of flowers to put by my bedside, around the house and even to use at my brother’s upcoming wedding but never thought of re-using the jars for the exact purpose they were made for… food storage! The large tomato glass jars would be so great for corn flour, salt, soup lentil mix… anything really! This is certainly going to be an upcoming weekend job! Will take photos and post when I am done.. not sure they will look as good as this but will try my best! Thanks for the tip CWMS! x

  4. Gillian

    I love this…I started collecting my jars about 6 months ago ( mostly for paint jars for the kids and flower/candle holders for the house but I LOVE the chalkboard paint idea and using them as special drink jars for the kids.

    The Swedes seem to have a lot of things sorted don’t they??

    Great post x

    • Shea

      Hi Gillian, I have also recently read a Facebook comment with another great suggestion. Asking cafe’s to save their big bulk sized jars. I’m going to give it a shot, some bigger jars would be super useful!
      Love to hear/see photos of how you get on with the decorating phase…:-)

  5. Abigail

    I love this idea as I have been collecting glass jars to store different stuff in the house.
    Have you found any place where we can just buy lids?

    • Shea

      Hi Abigail, we really did have such fun decorating these jars and then using them for our family BBQ. I am sorry to say I have no idea where you could just buy lids, but I will keep an eye out for you! X

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