Stage Four – and it’s a BIG one!!

Posted by on November 17, 2013

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Nappy Free during the day

Baby Girl is now 11 months old and I have noticed over the last couple of weeks she stays dry when we leave the house. Actually, it is when we are just hanging out at home, she has the most accidents. Is this because she is more relaxed, or just complacent in her home environment?

Up until now she has been wearing a pull up nappy when we are out and about, just as back up. We have established a routine of going straight to the toilet or using the potty when we first arrive at our destination. We re visit the bathroom every couple of hours, just as we would if we were at home and then she sits beside the car on her Portable Potty as I pack up our things at the end of our outing.

So she is ready – but are we??

To go easy on my blood pressure, I started venturing out with her ‘nappy free’ for the school run. Dropping off her Brother at school and picking him up again in the afternoon. Short trips, just so I could practise relaxing, rather than hovering over her doing my best ‘helicopter parenting’ interpretations and asking every five minutes “Do you need to go to the potty?” “Do you need to go to the potty?”

Me ‘relaxing’ took a few days as, even with these short 30 minute round trips, I insisted on putting her on the potty before we hopped in the car and on the potty when we get home. Of course that is complete over kill and she flatly refuses to go at intervals so close together – I’m sure if she could string together a sentence she would be saying “Just chill out Mumma for goodness sake, I’ve got this!” or something along those lines.

It was quite a few days later when we first entered our local Westfield Shopping Centre with Baby Girl nappy free. I ridiculously asked her every 10 minutes “Do you need to go to the potty?” We went to every baby change room, every half an hour, just to check. I tell you, one doesn’t need to pay extortionate amounts of money for adventure activities to get their adrenalin pumping – just take an 11 month old to a carpeted shopping centre without a nappy on and you are guaranteed to raise your heart rate. I was completely wired and thoroughly exhausted by the time we got home.

I do have a collection of not so funny stories to tell of ‘The Great Public Accident’ but in this case they all belong to our Son, as Baby Girl really has only had a couple of minor accidents outside of the home in total. Put that down to Early Start Toilet Training, gender, personality or a combination of both I’m not sure…?

So with this positive success rate of little to no accidents when we are out, it is definitely time to move forward. Of course Baby Girl is completely at ease with the transition whilst my stomach is up under my chin the whole time.

Around the same time, at just under 12 months of age, she has proven herself capable of waking up dry from her day time sleeps. So, she has hit the stage where she only wears a nappy to bed at night. Can you believe it?!

I can also report that the reflex of weeing while eating is also all but cured – not a moment too soon!

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2 Responses to Stage Four – and it’s a BIG one!!

  1. Oma

    Goin’ great Prec xx

  2. MJ

    This truly is amazing. Maybe it is proof that if a clever little girl is in the care of a very switched on Mum then great things happen. Well done.

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