Stage Three – Introducing Toilet Training Underpants

Posted by on October 20, 2013

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36 weeks – Baby Girl crawled to the potty today. I always leave the potty out so it is clearly visible and today, on the first day of our Christmas holidays at Nanny’s, she crawled to the potty. So I put her on it and she did a wee. Finally she might be ready to think for herself.

9 Months Old – We began putting Baby Girl in terry towelling toilet training underpants during the day and just nappy for sleeps and when we leave the house. We are on holiday’s staying in a caravan at the beach and this transition has worked fine. Most days we only use one pair of underpants. If she had an accident it is while she is sitting in the high chair at meal times. I have learnt it is a natural reflex for them to wee while eating. This is why my Auntie Barbara use to breast feed her babies while holding them over a potty. These accidents are no big deal as being at a caravan park we spent just about all day outside on the grass or down on the beach.


For ease at sleep time I have changed to pull up nappies. Baby Girl is mobile now, using the furniture to stand up and has just started crawling, so using pull up nappies is much quicker and simpler. They are more expensive however, one or two a day for sleep time is all she uses. They are generally dry when she wakes up through the day so we re-use them at night, the rest of the day she is in underpants. So our nappy expenditure is still going down not up.

Since the beginning of December, when we bought the portable potty, we have been able to continue the routine of putting her on the potty when she wakes from sleeps and during the day when she is restless, whether we are at home or out and about. There is no turning back now. What started as a curious experiment is now a routine in our household. It is amazing the interest it is creating as people walk past the caravan. I have had conversations with older women who, back in their day, put their children on the potty as babies and of course people who can’t believe their eyes.

Note to self – don’t leave potty in walk ways
We have had an incident with my favourite potty. My husband tripped over it one too many times and it has now been cracked and broken. I can’t believe it…



Broken Potty - frown


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