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Product Review: The World Famous Black Chicken Deodorant

“We don’t make skincare with the intention to look, smell or feel good; it’s created to make a difference on a physical, mental and emotional level.” Black Chicken Remedies   Living in a desert climate is undeniably hot, so choosing an effective deodorant is very high on the priority list. When you add a commitment … Continue reading »

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Effective Natural, Organic Skincare Overhaul: Interview with Green Chic

The goal is to inspire people to learn more about natural products and show that natural beauty is mainstream, contemporary and delivers results.

 Vila Vasoodaven, Green Chic   We certainly are spoilt with choice these days as promises of ‘natural’, ‘organic’ and ‘green’ can be found branded across a large portion of skincare products which … Continue reading »

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Masdar City Sustainability Festival

It Starts With You Masdar City   Last weekend the residents of Abu Dhabi were invited to Masdar City, one of the world’s most sustainable eco-cities, as the doors opened for its annual two day sustainability street festival. The free family festival, is organised with the intention to provide a fun range of interactive activities, street … Continue reading »

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Opportunities. Challenges. Solutions. Plastic Free July 2015

  “Think about it…why would you make something that you are going to use for a few minutes out of a material that’s basically going to last forever. What’s up with that?” Jeb Berrier, Bagit Movie   Last month the Health and Wellbeing Committee at my son’s Primary School offered me the opportunity to join … Continue reading »

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Clean up Australia Day

  Did you know Clean Up Australia Day has become the Nation’s largest community-based environmental event?   The founder, Ian Kiernan, is an ‘average Australian bloke’, builder by trade and passionate solo yachtsman. It was during the 1987 BOC Challenge Solo Round-the-World Yacht Race, Ian witnessed first hand the effect our pollution is having in … Continue reading »

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