Three to Four Months Old – Where she is at now

Posted by on September 22, 2013

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I have tried a couple of different brands of nappy and suggest one with a wider design rather than a narrow shape for during the day. The extra width provides protection against leakage during Communication Elimination.

18 weeks old – The success rate was higher at three months than it is at four months and I have found it is easier to manage correct timing with poo’s than it is with wee’s. I know she understands when I say ‘poo-oo’ or ‘wee-ee’ as I watch her contract her tummy muscles and wriggle about. If she is ready, it is released when I take off her nappy. Of course she does still occasionally use the nappy if we aren’t paying attention, which is fine. It is convenient she is flexible either way. At this stage if she responds on demand a couple of times a day I am happy. I know our consistency with this process will hold us in great stead later down the track.

I’m so proud of her. I can already see how this level of understanding and her not knowing any different since birth, will make toilet training easier for us all. The connection between us really is quite something. Who would have ever thought it was possible to communicate with a baby? WOW! It’s really quite special. We have settled into our little routine and it feels like we are living Stage One of this process. I am thinking ‘Stage Two’ will be when she is sitting by herself and is introduced to the potty.

So we’ll keep ‘communicating’ and giving her plenty of ‘nappy off’ time until the next stage…

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    Well done Shea . . . with lots of love from your biggest Fan (of course)!! xx

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