Time to Name Your Year!

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Posted by on January 7, 2015
Simple isn’t always Easy
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Happy New Year Everyone!!


Here is the first blog post for 2015 and therefore the annual event you have all been waiting for – Name Your Year!

It is that time of year again, the beginning, where we all think of cleaning the slate, working out our direction and setting goals. The simple Name Your Year exercise is a challenge which gives a starting point and acts as a reminder through out the year if you need to give yourself a little ‘behind the door talk’ to get back on track.

Naming Your Year is perhaps more flexible than the tradition of New Years Resolutions and quicker than composing a ‘To Do’ list (which personally fits in perfectly with this years Theme).

Are you ready to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard and Name Your Year for 2015?

Allow me to start the ball rolling:-

2015 – Less Is More

Accumulating Less Stuff
Digesting Less Preservatives
Using Less Chemicals
Generating Less Waste

The intention this year is to develop positive habits and create an everyday life filled with…

More Experiences
More Healthier Body
More Safer Home
More Sustainable Future

This is by no means stopping the focus of Striving For Balance which began during 2014, in fact, I suspect that is going to be my personal life long quest. The intention is 2015 will be a positive continuation along our Family’s overall journey of living a Happy, Healthy, Sustainable Life.

For those of you who are new to this blog –

WELCOME, it is so great to have you join our growing community.

You may like to take a moment to visit previous posts written on this annual exercise here and here before joining in the most important part of this process – documenting your 2015 Focus in the comment section below.

For those of you who participated in this activity last year –

Before you write up this years ‘Focus’ you may wish to revisit last years statement in the bottom of last years post and take a moment to think back over any lessons learnt through out your year.

I’m not going to get all ‘Motivational Speaker’ on you but what I will say is, there is a lot of positives to be gained from writing intentions down. The first one is the fact you can re-read at later stages, reflect on your achievements and be reminded about things which may need a little bit of extra attention.

So how did you go?

We cannot predict what the future holds but each year we can work towards improvements – it is how we take positive steps forward.

Can’t wait to read your inspirations this year – who is going to be first!!

– Shea

P.S. For all of you who regularly chat via Facebook or Instagram (what do you think of our #christmas #roadtrip so far?) I would encourage you to Name Your Year on the comment section below this time round. Although I would be incredibly thrilled for your support via on our Social Media accounts the website will be easier for YOU to look back on next year via our Archives. If you are super keen you could always do both!! 🙂

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2 Responses to Time to Name Your Year!

  1. Zoe

    Thanks so much I’d love to name my year.
    My 2015 is about Trust & Flow. Trust myself, Trusting the flow of the cosmos, in what comes to me each day is what I need to thrive and grow. Flow is about not trying to control and also not to attach.
    Thanks for the inspiration to name my year!!

    • Shea

      That is an inspiring focus Zoe. It really does come under ‘Simple isn’t always Easy’… I’d love to be able to manage that as well!! Thanks so much for sharing, looking forward to hearing how you go!!

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