Who Is Ready To ‘Name Your Year’ !

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Posted by on February 2, 2016

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”



Well this is it. Time to commit to an annual direction and Name Your Year. This goal-setting tool is simple, fun and the perfect conversation starter at dinner parties!

January is over, the children are well and truly back to school and routine has once again been established here in our little part of the world. As we all charge into 2016 full of new enthusiasm, let’s focus and embrace every opportunity life has to offer.

Those who are new followers to this blog can read more about the process of our annual ‘Naming Your Year’ challenge via this link which will take you to a guest post I wrote during last year. For everyone else – #Lets Do This!

But first, a little reflection…

2015 – the year where Less Is More was more than incredible and will definitely be a tough act to follow. The year began with ‘new beginnings’ as our family packed a suitcase, one piece of hand luggage each and travelled to the opposite side of Australia to live. This has affectionately (and nostalgically) become known as our WA Chapter.

2015 also ended with ‘new beginnings’ as we stayed true to Less Is More. In August we moved overseas to live in the Middle East, settling into our new UAE Expat Chapter with around the same amount of possessions as when we moved to Western Australia.

As it happened we enjoyed the WA adventure so much that as that door closed, we took advantage of another one which opened – so now we are expats!!

These choices have given us our first taste of apartment living, a dramatic downsizing exercise and we are learning valuable lessons in and around the importance of ‘stuff’.


“You need less than you think and you have more than you know”

Becoming Minimalist


The journey of living a Happy, Healthy, Sustainable life continued during the year where ‘Less Is More’ as we concentrated on digesting less preservatives, using less chemicals and generating less waste. To achieve this we strengthened habits around buying fresh, local and in season produce (as often as we could) from farmers markets, choosing to use natural based products around our home and continued to minimise the amount of packaging we relied on in everyday purchases, therefore producing less waste.

I was even lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend a one-day festival with the same name – the ‘Less Is More Festival’, run by the Western Earth Carers which was brilliant. Here’s the link to a ‘DIY’ post I wrote after learning how to make Bees Wax Wraps.

The majority of these decisions are a direct result of actions we committed to when we began to ‘Talk Rubbish’ and are still evolving today. Embracing a life with ‘Less Stuff’ however was a brand new thought process.

Living in a small apartment has meant our weekly maintenance is next to nothing, allowing our weekends and Family time to be spent enjoying the local lifestyle. With our ‘now’ home not overflowing with personal effects we entertain ourselves by exploring, discovering and attending events as we embrace the local Arabic culture – #LessStuffMoreExperiences !

So our life has been turned into one great adventure filled with both memorable moments and, as I’m sure you can imagine when you move a young family overseas, personal challenges. But lets concentrate on the positives.

One of the positive results I have found to stem from Naming Your Year is how lessons learnt from previous years are strengthened as life continues…

Here is a recap of my successes so far:

…which brings me to this years theme:


2016 – ‘One Day is Today’!


Enough chat about leaving things till later. No more running around in circles. Life is short and I’m onto it today.

Here are some examples of goals we have already crossed off the list. A perfect example how one year’s direction (Less Is More) merges into another (One Day Is Today), once you set off with deliberate intentions…

“Never confuse movement with action”

Ernest Hemingway


  • My ambition to live a life of adventure – One Day Is Today !

(#wachapter2015 #parisminibreak2015)

  • One day we’ll take the children and live overseas again – One Day Is Today !


  • One day we’ll visit the UK with Mum so she can introduce our children to their English family – One Day Is Today !


Can you tell my favourite social media platform is Instagram…:-)


You’re off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way.

Dr Seuss



Which direction will you choose…?


I don’t confess to have all the answers, but what I do have is the motivation to have a really good crack – how about you?

I really am genuinely so keen to hear all about your 2015 successes and challenges. I also LOVE reading all the inspiring themes you all commit to every year, so shoot – I have broken the ice by going first who is up next…!!
– Shea

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2 Responses to Who Is Ready To ‘Name Your Year’ !

  1. Jon Ivan

    I have decided to name my year “The Year of the Butterfly” I know it’s not a manly name for a guy to have for my year but it’s the perfect name for my year.
    The name comes from me headed into a new year with a new beginning in life. September of last year I was finally healed enough to go through several month of physical and neurological rehabilitation after more than 3 years of going through a very serious medical issue and 2 surgeries which nearly took my life twice. For the first time in many years I can finally go to the gym with a focus on being somewhat like a normal person again. Why somewhat? Because most people who haven’t been through a serious medical battle have any idea of the emotional toll and changes it makes in your life outside of the physical you. You look at life from a completely different perspective.
    Feeling trapped in a cocoon, there were many times during the recovery you wonder “Is this going to be my new normal?” At that time you completely rely on hope. Hope that it won’t be like that permanently and if it will be permanent hope that you can deal with living your life with those physical limitations but you never realize or even think you can ever be a butterfly.
    During the past years I had my art to focus on during the up of times the recovery process and thoughts of working on them during the downs. This year will be the year that I will still have my art but now I can be a better physical me too.
    I hope there are a lot of people that can name their year “The Year of the Butterfly”. Best wishes to all….

    • Shea

      Hi Jon, I am so pleased you felt comfortable sharing your story with the CWMS community. I can’t even begin to imagine what you have been through over the last few years. I am excited to hear such a positive focus for your future and am sure the people reading your post will be inspired by your determination, as I am. Looking forward to hearing how 2016 unfolds during your year of the butterfly – which sounds like such a perfect name for you right now.

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