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Posted by on March 23, 2014

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Many of you who are reading these weekly posts are possibly wondering –
‘Why has Shea become so passionate with saying NO to plastic bags?’

Those who start with WHY never manipulate, they inspire. And people follow them not because they have to; they follow because they want to. Simon Sinek.

This image visually sums up my WHY and is the answer to the question, until a concise slogan is confirmed.

The purpose of this blog and ultimately the journey, is to respect today and to preserve our tomorrows. Days like these are spectacular and when we tread lightly, leaving places either exactly how we found them or even better (refer to a previous article  introducing Take3 ) our lifestyle as we know it, is preserved.

This is the motivation behind consistently creating positive habits to reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose and upcycle.

The more people who consider this thought process as normal, the higher the odds are of future generations experiencing days such as shared in the image above.

Start with working out your WHY and then make it happen!

Below are solutions our household have implemented (so far) to minimise waste.

If plastic bags are still accumulating in your home:

  • recycle plastic bag binPack them up and return them to your local supermarket recycle bin. Some stores position them in more obvious spots than others, so you might need to scout around to find them.

Perhaps you know a business who could reuse them?

РBefore learning about supermarket recycling bins, a health clinic we frequently visited, welcomed our extra bags to use in their small grocery store

– My Mother-in-Law takes her unwanted plastic bags to a local nursery

– Some Child Care Centres use them to send home any children’s wet clothes


Shopping Bags

  • As well as donating your plastic bags is there a charity shop or preloved clothing store in your area who would gladly reuse your shopping bags?¬†Plain brown paper bags are useful to reuse for wrapping gifts.
  • They make great garbage bin liners. If¬†your kitchen rubbish bin is shopping bag size there is no need to buy bin liners (cheaper option as well). This bin size suits our family of four as we have a separate bin for recycling, a scrap bin for feeding the chooks and a compost bin in the garden.
  • Use the smaller bags as covers¬†for left over food in the fridge or, for storing and separating food in your freezer.


And if you are Plastic Bag Free Household?

Now we are saying ‘No to plastic bags’ we are getting low on our own supply which were reused as garbage bin liners. In the next couple of weeks our rubbish bin won’t be lined with plastic bags – eek! That has been our ‘routine’ for ever….

The Planet ark website  is full of all sorts of information ranging from facts and figures around plastic bags as well as every day tips for using them wisely.

Saving bread bags is one great idea we have taken on board from their list of suggestions. My Husband remembers his (Grand) ‘Ma’ reusing bread bags when he was a child. Looks like we are going full circle and going back to a bit of ‘old school’ thinking…

They will be perfect to hold any messy rubbish which doesn’t fall into either the ‘Chook Scraps’ or ‘Compost’ category once we take the leap and not line our kitchen bin with a plastic bag.¬†Our general rubbish is plastic anyway and if¬†occasionly messy packaging can’t be or isn’t rinsed prior to tossing – the bin will get a wash.

Another great suggestion is to line your bin with newspaper to mop up any spills…easy! (I think).

Would love to hear any other ideas you have on how to¬†manage plastic bags. Feel free to ‘overload’ the comment section below…

Keep an eye on our Facebook Page throughout the week for other stories I come across and ‘share’.

Until next week,


P.s. Photo credits for the amazing ‘Feature Picture’ at the top of this post go to the very talented Karlie at Captured by Karlie.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†It is with pleasure¬†we give her a huge plug hoping she will allow us to feature her work frequently on this website – sure would love some help with photography!

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4 Responses to Why? How? – Reusing Plastic Bags

  1. Oma

    Well done Prec, what a great ambassador for looking after our planet xx

  2. Balanced Naturopathics

    Bread bags hey- I never thought of that! The “what to line your bin” with is a big one for a lot of people I think- almost unheard of to NOT line it for a lot of people. Good tips ūüôā

    • Shea

      Unheard of in this house too!

      The day our bag supply runs out will be the start of a new era – will keep you posted!

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