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Posted by on October 6, 2013

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29 Weeks Started saying ‘p’! Is that poo…?potty?

She is Eight Months old and the milestones are coming thick and fast now.

31 Weeks – Started occasionally waking up dry from her day sleeps!

Woke up at 6.10am, an hour and a half after her morning milk feed and she was in a state. My husband put her on the potty and she did a massive wee and poo. Good call. Wonder if those times she cries out in the night (for what appears to be no reason) if she is needing to wee?

Her little ‘P’ sound seams to mean poo. No clear cut sign for wee consistently. Seems to get squirmy and wriggly when she needs to wee. I still say ‘poo-oo’ and ‘wee-ee’ every time she goes to keep up the word association. I get ‘p’ from her at least once a day.

While she is on the potty I give her a small toy to play with as she needs to have something to occupy her and keep her sitting and relaxing. She chews everything and it keeps her amused. Giving her something to play with is a key to getting her to sit there long enough to relax and get the job done.



Yes she has fallen off the potty – last week. Poo and wee all over the carpet. So now she has learnt how far she can lean to pick up the toys she loves to throw around while she is on the potty.

Note to self…
We now put her on the potty when she wakes from every sleep. Haven’t tried before sleep as most of the time she is too tired and cranky and she wouldn’t relax anyway. It is still the routine to put her on the potty before every bath.

We need to get more equipped for when we are out and about

This month we had our first trip to the hospital with Baby Girl as she had a temperature we couldn’t lower and had developed a rash. Turned out to be nothing serious. While we were in hospital the nurse told us she had to try and get a urine sample. You can imagine her surprise when we explained that if she could find us a potty we could get one no problem. Within minutes of receiving the potty we had a full sample bottle ready for testing.

Baby Girl now seems to be holding on when she needs to go to the potty and gets in a wriggly, squirmy state. We were out and about on another day and she woke up from her sleep just as we were going into a hotel for lunch. We always go to the toilet when we wake up, it is her standard routine. So I thought I’d improvise and support her over the toilet. She did a wee. Blew me away. Another stage has been reached and I need to figure out a way to go with it.

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