3 Refreshingly Raw and Real Cafe/Restaurants in Fremantle

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You are what you eat. So don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.



You don’t have to be in Western Australia long to realise Perth is far from the disadvantaged, isolated city us on the East Coast of Australia are led to believe. In fact, we found it to be quite the opposite. Perth is a thriving capital city surrounded by unique communities who share unwavering energy to live consciously and make choices which have a positive impact on themselves and their environment. Food outlets have menus to support this movement which reflect clean, healthy eating options and the streets are lined with examples of ways the community is taking action to ensure their impact on our planet is positive.

This is one part of the country where you will see kitchen gardens proudly attached to restaurants and cafes, green smoothies listed close to the top of the beverage list, you are spoilt for choice for farmers markets and options for buying whole foods in bulk supermarkets (link to my #1 recommendation).

Here are my top three choices in and around the community of Fremantle (Freo) where you can go to nourish your body with refreshingly raw and real foods which leave you feeling a whole lot happier, contented and relaxed. Places where health conscious parents can breathe a sigh of relief and comfortably let their children order from the menu with minimum restrictions and input.


Breakfast Lunch and Dinner – we have got you covered!


Bus Stop Cafe

conversationswithmysister_Bus Stop Cafe_Mosman Beach

There is no way you can pass by this colourfully decorated bus parked on the reserve at Mosman Beach before you are drawn to stop for a sticky beak. The Bus Stop Cafe is literally a custom designed bus, complete with commercial kitchen, repurposed to provide the perfect cafe for you (and their staff), to enjoy front row seats to the magnificent Western Australian coastline. It is conveniently located next to a free car park eliminating parking hassles and borders the coastal public footpath so you don’t have to veer far ‘off track’ if you are out enjoying your regular exercise routine. There are even water bowls and doggie treats to refresh your puppies, accompanying you on your daily walk.

The menu might be simple but it is both ‘Healthy and Delicious‘, utilising free range and local produce where possible. Coffee, tea, smoothies, juice, burgers, wraps, raw treats and, of course, no trip to the sea side is complete without icecream – local and handmade at that! Opening hours are Wednesday to Sunday from 7:00am – 1:30pm so this place is perfect for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Those pushed for time can send a direct SMS to The Bus Stop Cafe to preorder and run, although dining in is definitely my preferred option.

Sit outside, feel the sand beneath your toes and inhale the fresh sea air, all while enjoying a quick bite or, better still, settle in and indulge in a long drawn out escape from your reality. If you’re in luck, Jon might pull out his suitcase full of dress ups and tricks which are guaranteed to keep you, or better still your children, amused for hours. Rain is no issue, you can simply settle inside on the custom made bus seats or, rest your coffee on the repurposed surf board bench while taking in uninterrupted views across the spectacular Indian Ocean. There is even a telescope for those keen to see further. Perhaps indulge in a bit of ship-spotting or, if luck is on your side, enjoy watching the dolphins play amongst the waves.

The Raw Kitchen

conversationswithmysister_The Raw Kitchen Fremantle

During my Little Man’s Mothers Day speech last year he announced The Raw Kitchen as his Mummy’s favourite place to visit. Considering we lived in three cities last year this was a huge, but completely correct, statement.

The menu in this fully licensed, plant-based restaurant is prepared with organic, in season and local produce. The minimal transport distances from paddock to plate ensures you are eating as fresh as possible and aligns with The Raw Kitchen’s sustainable commitment. The fresh, wholesome and ‘real’ ingredients are the priority of every dish, which even extends to desserts.

It is here our three-year-old daughter had the pleasure of indulging in her first ever bowl of ice-cream. As parents with strong ‘healthy choice’ opinions for their children, we appreciate it is often the things you leave out which make a dish truly something special. It was with no hesitation we offered her this ‘in-house’, 100% dairy, gluten and refined sugar free treat – finally healthy eating available on every level.

The pleasant surprises aren’t just limited to food choices as, The Raw Kitchen, is much more than a local food hub.

The restaurant and smoothie bar is also complimented with an onsite and home centred eco store, which stocks a full range of conscious living products. Keep in touch via their social media pages and you will learn this original 1920’s warehouse hosts regular initiatives such as yoga sessions, raw cooking workshops and is even available for events and catering.

Dig deeper and you won’t be surprised to learn there is a specific list of sustainability practises in place at The Raw Kitchen which has earnt them the Sustainability Initiative City Of Fremantle’s Award at the 2015 Business Awards. Like-minded sustainability fans will love the industrial style decor which includes the clever use of shipping containers as a design feature which captivates you the minute you walk in. Zero wasters will especially appreciate drinking out of reusable stainless steel straws and being served takeaway options in biodegradable packaging – the list goes on…

Bread in Common

conversationswithmysister_Bread In Common Fremantle

An amazing aroma of fresh bread wafting out onto the street is what first attracted my attention to this converted warehouse. The green ‘outdoor-dining’ nook lured me across the street as I was keen to find out where this delicious smell was coming from. Then came a certain amount of curiosity between the connection of the name Bread In Common (is this a bakery?) and the table layout which I saw while peeking through the windows. The presentation of the floor plan suggested this quirky establishment wasn’t just a gorgeous smelling bakery, but more a cafe/restaurant. Such a surprise and a welcome change of scenery to discover while aimlessly wandering around the backstreets of Fremantle.

Bread In Common is in fact both a restaurant and a wood-fired bakery. The creative menu features locally sourced, seasonal produce with an emphasis on ‘house-made’. Although the bakery is almost the centre piece of this business, there are certainly more than enough options on the menu to completely impress guests for any chosen meal of the day. Then there is the decor…

Once your eyes are drawn away from the details of this iconic red brick warehouse, proudly showing off its exposed and raw industrial features which were preserved and enhanced during restoration, you will notice the tables are long; setting the scene for communal dining. This arrangement encourages a relaxed and friendly atmosphere further complimented with an added ‘open kitchen’ design enabling you to watch the chef’s and baker’s as they work.

The menu supports the communal seating arrangement with many dishes designed to be shared. Choose from selected wine displayed on the shelves, ready to be enjoyed, all while being surrounded by an atmosphere which is designed to leave you, as a guest, feeling happily contented – which is exactly how it worked for our evening. You get the feeling the people behind this establishment are hoping to inspire great dining memories as their guests sit, relax and spend time…in common!


So now you know where you will find me when I return to Fremantle as these are the top three places on my list to visit for breaky/lunch/dinner. Have you picked up how the atmosphere is just as important to me as the meal?

I am not usually one who writes about food, however, the urge to share great discoveries is exactly what motivated me to become a blogger – I just can’t help it! So enjoy, literally and, if you visit any/or all of these places I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts. You can find CWMS on Facebook, or sharing interesting adventures on Instagram.


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Lastly, if you are looking for activity idea’s of what to do in and around Perth check out this link to my ‘Must Do’ When Visiting Perth, WA post for some suggestions.

X Shea

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