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Posted by on May 19, 2013

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– From the moment babies are born they are thrown into a new world and instantly have things to learn and adjust to e.g. human touch, drinking milk, wearing clothing, being in car seats and prams, having a bath – the list goes on! Babies learn this routine over a period of time as it makes up daily life, its not negotiable. We don’t wait for them to signal to us they are ready to do these things, they learn and adapt pretty quickly. Teaching my Baby Girl to have control over her bowels and bladder along the way felt like complete common sense and is a natural skill to add to the list.

– I really couldn’t bear the thought of our Baby Girl sitting around in a dirty nappy. A poo in the nappy of a little girl was especially gross to me considering all the places it could get squashed into that it shouldn’t. It is much more hygienic to have her eliminate (particularly her poo) into a potty.

– Our Little Man had some horrendous rashes on his bottom during his nappy wearing days. Whether it was from a particular brand not suiting him, his skin flaring up from his dirty nappy or a bit of both. Although our Baby Girl has had some irritation, it hasn’t been in the same league as her brother.

– Early start toilet training is my contribution to the environment. I used to feel guilty not spending the extra money on buying degradable, planet friendly nappies. I also felt a bit overwhelmed by the cloth nappy industry and the amount of choices on offer. So we are going for the no nappy option as quickly as we can.

By December 2012 when Baby Girl was 7-8 months we noted we were using around three nappies a day on average. By 10 months she only wore nappies to leave the house and for sleeps. I am as amazed as I am proud to say that at 12 months of age we only put her in a nappy at night time.

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  1. Barnaby Howarth

    It makes me so happy seeing these blogs Shea – You started this process with a lot more questions than answers, so seeing this well laid out, concise, informative and entertaining blog really floats my boat. Can’t wait for the kids 21st’s so we can read this blog back to them!

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