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Posted by on April 5, 2014

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail


It was a recent comment posted after my Plastic Bag-Free Shopping story which firstly gave me something to ponder, then became the topic for this weeks post…

“Those who have ducked in to pick up a few things from the shops on their way home is almost a different target market from what is spoken about in this blog”

The comment came from a lady who was sharing her observations while commuting home on a train. Her discussion was comparing the lifestyle differences of people who shop on a weekly basis with people who are perhaps cooking for one, maybe two people and dropping into the supermarket to buy bits and pieces when they finish work.

She brought my attention to the fact that packing reusable bags in your boot before you set out to do your grocery shopping is all well and good but, what is the alternative to using plastic bags when you find yourself popping into a shop unexpectedly? SeeĀ a previousĀ post on Facebook Ā for one ‘hilarious’ alternative…

Forward thinking people tend to approach a problem with a solution all ready in hand which was certainly the case here. The story continued and mentioned handy reusable bags which fold up into roughly business card size and fit unobtrusively into a bag or backpack – ready when you need it!

Since the intention of this Blog is in fact to find solutions for a broad target market, this question was in the forefront of my mind on approach to the Planet Eumundi stall at Eumundi Markets. Linda quickly introduced herself and passionately educated our group on the brand ‘Onya‘ and the products they sell.

conversationswithmysister_plastic bag-free shopping_ONYA Bagconversationswithmysister_plastic bag-free shopping_ONYA Bagconversationswithmysister_plastic bag-free shopping_ONYA Bag




This post is my homework completed as ‘unintentionally’ set by this insightful reader…

All about Onya:

  • This Company originally began making the bags out of recycled parachute material
  • They are now using RPET – Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate – i.e. recycled plastic bottles. This is what ensures they are super strong and durable
  • The brand supplies a broad range of reusable products; bags, backpacks, mesh produce bags, stainless drink bottles and coffee mugs
  • Proudly endorsed by Planet Ark
  • The Onya bags fold inside themselves and come with a handy clip.Ā Ā Ā This YouTube video shows just how compact they are – size is everything, especially since the purpose of this ‘Hunter Gather’ was to find something easy to cart everywhere, ready for emergencies!!

If you find yourself at the Eumundi Markets (and you should they are fab!) say “hi” to Linda for me and tell her you read about her stand through this blog. Otherwise you can visit her websiteĀ  to order anything you need.

Alternatively there is a long list of Australia wide stockists you can check out through the Onya company website.

A thankyou must be said to our reader for taking the time to write about her observations. Our family all have a reusable bag attached each time we leave the house. They also come in very handy for all those ‘things’ one finds themselves carrying upon setting out on an outing with the children….

Mission accomplished?

To successfully say No to Plastic Bags you have to have your alternatives ready – Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail.

Set your self up to succeed

There are so many reusable bags on the market from a large range of companies. Have you found a favourite? Some homework for you…please share with us via the comment section below or head over to our Facebook page where you can leave a message, upload a picture or both, to report your findings.

What a great opportunity to collect lots of independent reviews in a central location!!!


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