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We are days away from Baby Girl’s First Birthday and so far we have had a hell of a week. All in one day she said the word “wee”, went to the toilet, wiped herself for the for the first time – then had accidents for the remainder of the day….unbelievable patience (on my behalf) needed right now.

She still doesn’t consistently tell us when she needs to go. Knowing her queue’s, daily routine and body language is what we mostly rely on as, she only uses her words/sounds of “P-P” every now and then. So ‘we’ (the family) are toilet trained and generally speaking she comfortably adapts to those times.

When she has an accident, yes it still happens, Baby Girl very knowingly takes me to the ‘spot’, says “Uh oh” and then helps me clean it up with paper towel. So she knows accidents are ‘wrong’.

Her routine is still very much going to the toilet when she first wakes up, before every sleep, before we go in the car or first thing we do when we arrive at our destination. Outside of these set times we take her every couple of hours. We get clear signals if we have timed these visits right. It is a positive response to the question “Do you need to got the toilet?” when she holds our hand and walks to the toilet with no fuss. If we get the timing wrong she reacts by her arching her back when we try to put her on the toilet and she squeals in protest.

Time to broaden her vocabulary to include a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, especially since she no longer wears a nappy through the day.

Mummy had her win

Baby Girl has also been scamming me when she doesn’t want to have a sleep. You know those times when you put your child to bed because you know (or think you know) they need a sleep but they refuse to have one! Well she wets the bed during her protesting matches, while she is standing up complaining, refusing to lay down and sleep. When I go in to resettle her she says her little “Uh Oh” with an innocent face and shows me she is wet.

For a while there I didn’t cotton on and would take her out of bed, change her and give up on the sleep idea. Then I noticed this was happening far too regularly and changed my reaction. If she was wet when I went in to resettle her, I changed her clothes while she was still in bed and made her lay down, covering any wet patches on the bed if any. Because she always goes to the toilet before bed it was never wet enough to cause much damage, just enough to be a nuisance.

From then on when I started going in during these sleep protests I would firstly ask her if she was dry. She would check herself, nod, then I would get her up. If she was wet I would leave her in the cot, change her and make her lay down. The process would start all over again.

Amazing how quickly she learnt that in order to talk me into not enforcing that particular sleep and being helped out of her cot, she had to be dry. So Mummy had her win and reminded Baby Girl I can also be just as strong willed and determined.

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