Stage Two – Potty Time

Posted by on September 29, 2013

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Potty Time 6th month (25 weeks) Baby Girl started using the potty.

On the 30 September she sat up by herself. This felt like a logical time to introduce the next step and sit her on the potty. So I did. The 10th October was when I felt she was quite stable (and had the thought in the first place).

First I randomly sat her on the potty during the day and nothing. Later that day I sat her on the potty while I ran the bath water and she wee’d straight away. It is part of her daily routine to lay on the bath mat with her nappy off and do a wee each night before her bath, so changing to the potty slotted in perfectly. This couldn’t have happened at a better time as she is too long to lay on the mat now anyhow.

I consistently use our trigger word – “wee-ee do a wee-ee for Mummy” and off she went, just like she had been using a potty forever. The whole family was summoned and we had a huge celebration. Lots of kisses, cuddles, dancing, cheering and of course we all joined in for a round of the family potty song –

‘Wee-wee on the Pot-ty, wee-wee on the pot-ty!’

Over and over again. She was grinning from ear to ear. So the transition was as simple as that.

We introduced the potty slowly. Always before a bath and just a couple of times here and there during the day. Still sticking to our nappy off time in between. It was another 10 days or so before she did her first poo in the potty which coincided nicely with the introduction of solid food.

27 Weeks – Well Baby Girl has started grunting at me before she needs to poo and I have plenty of time to get the potty and sit her down. It is amazing, she is now 7 months old. She has signalled a few times for wee by grizzling and if I am holding her she gets a bit squirmy. The first time this happened I put her on the potty to check and sure enough she wee’d. The little wee’s still go in the nappy, it seems she only thinks to signal if it is urgent. Using the potty is a standard daily occurrence now. It is truly amazing, yet so natural and easy.
She is completely guiding the process herself as this is new to us all. Each stage is reached and we move forward by following her lead. It just seems logical – introducing her to toilet training from the beginning rather than teach her to use a nappy, only to have to retrain her later on. I am so thankful to all the people who inspired me to explore this concept Stage One – How We Started.

I know having another child in the house also makes the process flow more easily. We have the same routine with both of them. Using the toilet as soon as they wake in the morning, before sleeps, before they hop in the bath, before we leave the house, as soon as we enter a shopping centre, before we begin a long car trip, before swimming lessons…the list goes on.

Now at 7 months we have entered a new phase which has given me something to ponder over. Baby Girl poo’d while I was in an meeting at the bank. She went all red in the face, signalled me as she does and I just had to let her go in the nappy. I was not prepared for that to happen at all. Usually she saves poo’s for home, so today was very random. Never the less, I now have to figure out how to take Baby Girl to the toilet when we leave the house. I felt so bad that she was looking at me and signalling and I didn’t have a potty. It caught me off guard and all I managed to do was hold her hand and let her go in her nappy. It felt awful as if I was letting her down and ignoring her ‘talking’ to me.

Helpful Hints –

Flushable Wipes

Standard baby wipes aren’t flushable so I have changed to these wipes. Tried having toilet paper by the potty but Baby Girl loved playing with the roll when I wasn’t looking and unravelled it all over the house. Tissues are ok but don’t clean as well as the wet wipes.

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